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Stubborn facts about Covid-19

Dr Johannes Marisa

Covid-19 has wreaked havoc globally with close to 4,5 million people having lost their lives. Africa has lost close to 200 000 people, but that number is far from the truth considering poor data collation and reporting in many African countries. Botswana has been affected heavily by the coronavirus with some days recording more than 80 deaths. Kenya seems to have entered into the fourth wave of the attack now.

This is the sad reality about Covid-19. The threat to humanity is real and it is time that we realise the gravity of the situation on the ground. We seem far from being over from this calamitous virus that is threatening to wipe out the entire population. We need to remain vigilant for a long time.

The sad reality about Covid-19 is that the attack is far from being over. It is, thus, important to note that the following unfortunate things are associated with Covid-19 and everyone should at least have some basic understanding of why the virus is very stubborn. Our concerns as medical professionals are many if we are to remain safe as people of this world, hence, the need to explore further about the sadistic virus. The following have been some of the major areas of concern so far and let everyone know for the benefit of their health.

  • People should know that Covid-19 is hitting for the second or third time, making it one of the most feared viruses on land. Usually with previous viruses, natural immunity would rise by being infected and it would be rare to suffer a debilitating disease after the first attack. Covid-19 is even hitting harder with patients with comorbidities like Diabetes being thrown into frying pans and complicating quite fast. This is very bad indeed and the threat to humanity is unprecedented.
  • That the waves ahead may be worse than the previous ones because of mutant strains, which will be part of the basket. That alone means a serious threat to humankind as there may be serious drug resistance, high speed of transmission, high morbidity, high mortality. Covid-19 is a menace for real and we should never forget that it may be with us for a long time. The fourth wave has already hit in many Asian countries and Europe has again begun with countries like the United Kingdom, Spain  and Italy, among others  now under the hammer.
  • Abandoning public health measures is at your own peril as the war rages on. South Africa lifted restrictions six weeks ago after countries like the United States, UK even declared that masks were no longer important. That was a poorly-thought out decision that would result in misery. Where is South Africa today in terms of morbidity and mortality? Many people are continuing to lose their lives and the losses are unbearable. Covid-19 needs policy-makers, who are consistent and analytical. We are in the jungle and people need direction.
  • People should realise that Covid-19 may have long-term complications, some of them are life-threatening. There are patients, who went on to develop clots that went on to block them even 90 days after having an acute attack of Covid-19.

Many have developed long Covid-19, a condition that sees someone suffer from coronavirus effects for more than 30 days. A lot more have stretched to suffer from respiratory distress syndrome for some time, while others have had their kidneys affected for some time. This is Covid-19 and it should be taken seriously, so patients may require long-term care if we are to remain safe for a long time.

  • Vaccination should be expedited so that we cover as many people as possible. Vaccines are good if we are to win the wars of this nature. Get your jab today and aim to achieve herd immunity. We need to protect our parents,  friends,  relatives or any other person because the threat on our lives are too many. Covid-19 is real disaster!
  • The fourth wave is already on its way and people should know that before year end, we are under attack again. Let us do everything possible in order to keep the virus under check. Covid-19 is very scary and a threat to humanity.

All precautionary measures should be taken in schools so that they do not act as superspreaders. Health for our kids should be very important.

Covid-19 has come to attack us left, right and center and we are in the midst of losing more and more of our people. The end seems to be far as the world faces multiple waves of the coronavirus.

The super economic giants of the world like the US and the UK are quivering again after there was a temporary reduction of cases and deaths from the respiratory disease. What we should now be accustomed to is that the coronavirus may linger among us for quite a long time and it should not be a nightmare if the following three years will see us in a more precarious position than what we are today.

This is the time that we should be collaborating with all the necessary stakeholders in order to bring health to the people and one such important measure is vaccination. It is quite absurd that there are many people who are still at the forefront of disinformation and misinformation concerning vaccines yet many people are still losing family members due to Covid-19.

Vaccination does not mean one will not suffer from the virus anymore, no, it means you may withstand complications that could arise as your body has been exposed to the protein before.

Get vaccinated today, get your protection. Spread the word of vaccines.We will not be safe when we snub vaccines.

Get protected!

  • Dr Johannes Marisa is a medical practitioner and public health practitioner who can be accessed on doctormarisa@gmail.com

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