NPRC composition questioned

NPRC is an independent commission set up in terms of the Constitution.

A Citizens Coalition for Change senator has questioned the composition of the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission (NRPC) saying it is not representative of all tribes and regions.

Proportional Representation senator Solani Moyo said this in a heated debate in Parliament recently on the report of the NPRC for the year 2023.

“We must address the issues of equality. It is sad to note that the composition of the commission lacks representation from different individuals, the Ndebele, Shona, Tonga, Kalanga and perspectives,” Moyo said

“The absence of culture size raises doubts about the independence and objectivity of the report.

“We need a commission made of individuals who understand every Zimbabwean, no matter the language.”

He said a truly representative commission could easily resolve conflicts without bias and any other prejudices.

“The government and commission should stop disappointing the people of Zimbabwe because this commission is important for peace,” he said.

“They should include individuals who represent different languages and cultures as voices in the commission to ensure a balanced assessment of the truth.”

NPRC is an independent commission set up in terms of the Constitution.

It is tasked with resolving past and current conflicts as well as preventing the recurrence of conflicts.

On Gukurahundi, Moyo said a strict process should be followed to ensure accuracy.

“Furthermore, we question the methods used by the NPRC in gathering evidence and testimonies,” he said.

“A full and strict process be followed to ensure accuracy and reliability.”


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