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The cost of intolerance

“If we thought we had a captured media, hold on a minute and watch US Cable News Network (CNN) and the so-called mainstream media being brazenly and nauseatingly anti-Trump in […]

World’s view in Hwange?

Cecil John Rhodes, one of the most famous British colonisers, was buried in Matobo Hills in Matabeleland South and this was according to his burial wishes that his remains be […]

Let’s revisit Covid-19 symptoms, signs

Covid-19 has lately been spreading like veld fire, taking less than 36 hours in order to reach 100 000 cases. Mortality now stands to above 50 000 people and this […]

The Big Five

The Big Five is what everyone wants to see; no safari will be complete without seeing all of them. We may be excited by seeing one, even two of them, […]

Covid-19: We need to test, test, test

As of Friday, Zimbabwe had carried out a meagre 329 diagnostic tests for coronavirus, a worrying figure considering the number of people that entered the country from high-risk regions before […]

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