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Resurrection and life after death

The questions of the resurrection and that of life after death have always been contentious issues both inside and outside the religious circles. Even some sections of the Christian faith […]

The beauty in service

Many years ago, contestants in the Miss World beauty pageants always seemed to be asked what their ambition was. Generally, the predictable answer was that they wanted to be happy […]


A tale of a band of brothers

IN recent weeks, the cricketing world has been absorbed by the riveting Ashes Test series between Australia and England, being played out in front of huge and very vocal crowds […]

Robert Mugabe: Rule by the whip

Books he trusted. One was usually in his hand in those first, mostly happy, years as Zimbabwe’s leader. He would be home at State House by 5:30pm, slamming doors so […]

Understanding the voice of God

TO anoint is to smear or rub oil on to something. It was a common culture among the herdsmen in Israel, they anointed their sheep.

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