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President Robert Mugabe addresses mourners at the burial of the late Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku at the National Heroes Acre yesterday. Picture: Shepherd Tozvireva

Mugabe’s rich factionalism history

Reports that President Robert Mugabe all but threw his weight behind Defence minister Sydney Sekeramayi in the succession race are quite telling as they do not only confirm the obvious […]

Catriona Laing

Britain celebrates links with Zimbabwe

On June 23 I hosted the Queen’s Birthday Party in Zimbabwe. Unlike many countries, the United Kingdom does not have a “national day” or an “independence day”. The Queen’s Birthday […]

Money is changing hands at the black market

Cash crisis drives grassroots corruption

Government invented a cash crisis last year by introducing bond notes. And, because of that weird creativity, Zimbabwe is now saddled with swelling corruption in the financial sector.

The covering of women is not to oppress them but this shows how vital they are, their precious bodies are not to be shown to strange men.

Women’s rights in Islam

The world over has got this assumption that women in Islam are thought to be subjugated, degraded and oppressed, but are they really? Are millions of Muslims simply oppressive or […]


The dry bones must live

WHEN you look into your life today, your family, your community, what is it that you see? Are you happy and excited about it? Is there life in your world, […]

Donald Trump

Whose child is she, anyway?

Many readers will have grown up hearing the story that revealed Solomon’s great wisdom when two women came to him both claiming vehemently that a baby was theirs, following the […]


The word of God is medicine

THERE is absolutely nothing wrong with using conventional medicine if you are a Christian. It is neither evil nor lack of faith in God to do so. I think it’s […]

Oprah Winfrey

Pursuing passion brings fulfillment

Some time ago there was a wonderful television advertisement that started with a close-up view of a very glum young boy. Gradually the camera panned out and we saw the […]

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