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‘Licence to sin’

The church has been conditioned by the devil that they can no longer endure sound doctrine. Apostle Paul said to Timothy some shall not know the difference between what is […]

Two years after the coup

For all the shortcomings of his two-year-old administration, Emmerson Mnangagwa might have been excused by many Zimbabweans and might have been glorified as a hero, had he performed a Houdini […]

UNODC delivers clinic to over 2000 inmates in Harare

HARARE: A call has been made for judicial officers to revisit custodial sentences and use alternative, non-custodial penalties for petty crimes amid growing concern over a ballooning prison population that […]

Why Mthuli Ncube will fail

While I wish Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube to succeed, the path he has followed is doomed to fail. I will detail the reasons why below. The situation in which he […]

Tobacco farmers should leave environment better

This year’s farming season has begun in most of the country’s tobacco growing regions with an estimated total of over 180 000 growers expected to plant the financially lucrative golden […]

Shylet’s inspirational Shine story

It is every girl’s dream to grow up into a beautiful and strong woman and my dream has always been to become successful so that I could take care of […]

Worms can cause serious irritability

Ihave witnessed so many patients who pop up at our practice rooms with jars containing worms, which could have been passed in the stool. Some patients end up being admitted […]

What is sustainable sand mining?

There are many drivers of land degradation in Zimbabwe, which include deforestation, veld fires, unsustainable farming practices and sand mining. Sand mining is emerging as one of the major drivers […]

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