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The reality of spiritual regeneration

ONE of the critical things that differentiate Christianity as a faith from the religions of the world is that it is underpinned by “spiritual regeneration”.

Wake up from the slave mentality

It is a fact that slavery started from time immemorial. Very often, prisoners of war were converted to work as free labour by their conquerors.

The culprits behind the cholera outbreak

A festering cholera outbreak has killed at least 28 people in a short period. Government is blaming the Harare municipality and the local authority says it’s government. And conspiracy theorists […]

It’s the Jewish new year

When the sunsets today, Sunday September 9, it will usher in the Jewish New Year 5779 and begins the new month of Tishrei in the Hebrew calendar.

Is there any faith that moves God?

“Today we are going to pray until God moves. Let’s pray until something happens. We have to keep pushing until the baby comes just like a woman in labour.” These […]

Salvation is a full package

WHEN you purchase a ticket to travel by plane, you cannot then say you will carry some food in a lunch tin because you do not have extra money to […]

The circus of life

One wisecrack once said: “Marriage is a three-ringed circus: engagement ring, marriage ring and suffering.” Leaving that argument aside (debatable, after all), it may not just be marriage that is […]

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