Golf zone: MoGold Global Safari Zimbabwe - Kenya Golf Tour launched

MOGOLD GLOBAL Zimbabwe launched their new initiative the MOGOLD GLOBAL and Safari Zimbabwe - Kenya Golf Tour at a press conference which was held at Royal Harare Golf Club yesterday.

The two part event will take place in both Zimbabwe and Kenya in December.

The initiative is set to highlight the participation of local and diaspora-based golfers in a tournament aimed at promoting tourism and strengthening cultural ties within Africa and the USA.

“As  MOGOLD GLOBAL we are not about what our country has done for us but what we have done for our country. The purpose of our gathering today is to discuss the strategic initiative which is close to our hearts which is in line with our mission and vision,” MOGOLD GLOBAL Operations Director Terence Marks said during a press conference.

“The MOGOLD GLOBAL SAFARI Zimbabwe - Kenya Golf Tour is a testament of our dedication to promoting tourism and fortifying cultural ties within Africa as well as between Africa, Europe and the USA

“This exciting tour is going to unfold in two parts. It will commence in Kenya from December 8 - 17 and then in Zimbabwe from December 18 - 23

“The tour highlights a thrilling competition between Zimbabwe and Kenya taking place in both countries and a trinations tournament involving Zimbabwe Kenya and Zambia at Elephant Hills Golf Club in Victoria Falls

“Our vision at MOGOLD is crystal clear, to increase our footprint and involvement across diverse nations ensuring that no sport community and opportunity is left unexplored .

“We are committed to the development of the African nations," Marks added.

The event will include social golfers, men and women, from the three countries that will be taking part.

Also present at the launch of the novel tour was Kenyan deputy ambassador Lazarus Muganda who was standing in for the ambassador Stella Munyi in support of the initiative.

The country's ambassador to the US Tadeous Chifamba also graced the occasion as well as the tournament director Ephraim Mashingaidze.

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