Letter to my people: The cost of rigging elections is huge

My Dear People

It would be remiss of me to start off my missive to you this week without acknowledging the applause and standing ovation you gave me when I attended the inauguration of Ngwena.

Indeed, I was humbled and overwhelmed by the welcome.

I daresay that the applause I got nearly surpassed that of the Lacoste leader kkkk.

My attendance, which caused a lot of excitement, surely went some way to compensate for the huge embarrassment that was the inauguration, which was only attended by three heads of state namely; South Africa, Democratic Republic of Congo and Mozambique.

The rest, out of politeness more than anything, sent representatives with one country only sending the president of the country’s senate.

That the Angolan president and Sadc chair  Joao Laurenco and Zambian President Hakainde  Hichilema, who is also the Sadc Troika on Politics , Defence  and Security Cooperation, did not attend the inauguration speaks volumes of how the region has frowned upon the shambolic and disgraceful charade that was disguised as elections.

Such was the desperation by Ngwena for regional recognition that he went as far as  inviting former Zambian president Edgar Lungu.

 Fikile, that clown from the ANC, inadvertently revealed in a leaked letter that South Africa is doing something behind the scenes to rescue the Lacoste leader from the embarrassing situation that he finds himself in.

There is huge concern over the polls, which the Sadc election observer mission head Nevers Mumba called the most fraudulent in the history of the region.

Ngwena’s problems are not only confined to the fraudulent election, but also within his own party  with his newly elected Members of Parliament getting more votes than him in some constituencies, which has prompted a witch hunt.

It seems the ominous warning by Ngwena’s henchman  Mudha to MPs not not get more votes than the Lacoste leader fell on deaf ears.

The likes of the foul mouthed Chirumanzu MP Barbra and Hwedza MP Tino got more votes than Ngwena.

 Even losing candidates such as self-proclaimed drop out and gold baron Scott received more votes than the leader of the Lacoste cabal. 

It is not   difficult to see why some Zanu PF supporters did not put their X against Ngwena’s name despite threats against failing to do so given his lack of substance and charisma that resulted in the octogenarian leader winning in 127 constituencies despite his party winning in 136 of the 210 available.

This was a repeat of what happened in the last election in 2018 and this made Ngwena to believe that there is a plot to impeach before he finishes his term.

 That Ngwena has   hobbled over the line with just over 50% of the national vote in each of the two presidential elections he has contested is testament to how his vapid leadership is difficult to bear even within his own party.

It shall be a long five years.

Some of you have been asking me why Dr Amai 11 is trying so hard to fit into my shoes and my response has always been that I set the bar too high just like Gushungo did.

On Friday, the UZ had to award her something called PHD in Law for Philanthropy kikikiki.

In case some of you have forgotten, I earned my PHD after years of research and rigorous study.

So Dr Amai 11 is still far from matching my standards!


Last week marked four years since the passing of Gushungo whose leadership qualities and telescopic foresight was unparalleled and the envy of the African continent.

One only has to look at the chaos and pandemonium in Zanu PF ever since he was removed by  Ngwena’s power hungry cabal through guns and tanks in 2017, undoubtedly one of the darkest episodes in the country’s history.

I find it difficult to accept the empty words by the likes of the government spokesperson Nick calling him an iconic leader and nation builder given the way they kicked him out of office like a stray dog.

The likes of Obert turned from branding himself from Gushungo’s “ever obedient son” to taking the lead in calling for Gushungo’s ouster from the party in treachery that would have made Judas Iscariot green with envy.

I will never forget the current Zanu PF chair Oppah accusing Gushungo of working with the United States to impose sanctions on the country and had the nerve to call him a traitor.

She even went as far as supporting the call for the removal of Gushungo’s name from the Harare International Airport despite having at one time called for him to rule for life.

Given such stinking levels of hypocrisy, I will dismiss the praise of the best leader this country will ever have from Ngwena’s regime with the contempt it deserves.

Ngwena’s disputed win in the presidential election has resulted in some   individuals dusting off long discarded dictionaries in search of words to bootlick the Lacoste leader in an embarrassing attempt to curry favour.

One such person is speaker of Parliament Jacob who in his congratulatory message went overboard in praise of Ngwena calling him a “incandescent light and indefatigable figure as the leader of the second republic” describing his election in which he garnered a wafer thin 52,6%, ‘overwhelming”.

 The urge by Mudenda to fawn assiduously towards Ngwena might have been driven by the need to make up for angering the  cabal when he called for those in the diaspora to be given the right to vote in the country’s elections at a workshop on the Electoral  Amendment Bill  in May last year.

Some among the regime unkindly claimed that this unheard of suggestion by Mudenda had been prompted by the hefty per diems he had received from the organisers of the workshop.

 I have no doubt that we have had the last of such nauseating lickspittle as that of Mudenda.


Gushungo chete chete

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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