Letter to my People: Cat out of the bag in Sengezo Tshabangu debacle

In an interview with state media, Tshabangu astonishingly claimed that CCC had rigged the elections.

My Dear People

The volte face by the South African Development Community (Sadc) over the embarrassingly flawed harmonised elections in Zimbabwe has exposed the regional body not only as a toothless bulldog but also as a confused and compromised lot that cannot be taken seriously.

 Sadc chairperson and Angolan President Joao Laurenco called the farcical elections held in the country “exemplary”.


This is despite the regional body’s electoral observer mission’s strident criticism of the polls which pointed out that the sham elections failed dismally to meet the basic Sadc benchmarks on elections.

To then have the Sadc chairperson endorsing an election that was slammed by its own observer mission shows what a circus this regional grouping is.

For Laurenco to call the country’s elections “orderly” when it was characterised by brazen massive voter suppression and intimidation and arrest of local observers is a damning indictment on the regional body.

The Sadc observer mission leader Nevers Mumba even went as far as calling the elections the ‘most fraudulent in the history of Sadc’.

Sadc’s shameful hypocrisy and double standards are exposed time and again when it   only finds its voice calling for sanctions to be removed from the country but never calling Ngwena’s regime to order for its impunity that includes the abduction and torture of Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) parliamentarian Takudzwa Ngadziore in broad daylight and the shocking continued incarceration of senior CCC official Job Sikhala without trial, which has stretched to more than 500 days.

With Scarfmore taking over the chairmanship of this incompetent grouping next year, one can expect any remaining standards at the regional grouping to rapidly go down the toilet.

Despite his bold declaration last month that the Zimbabwe dollar will soon be the sole legal tender in the country, Ngwena has instead extended the period in which the country will use the multicurrency regime from 2025 to 2030.

To extend the lifespan of the multi-currency regime after having vowed to ‘bite the bullet’ in making the local currency the sole legal tender has yet again demonstrated the octogenarian leader’s penchant for bluster and hot air.

After the catastrophic failure  of his attempt to introduce the local currency as the sole legal tender in 2019 which resulted in skyrocketing inflation amid economic mayhem, it  would  have been incredibly daft for Scarfmore to try again without having attended to the benchmarks necessary for its stability.

 Ngwena’s leadership credentials are questionable when he calls for   using the depreciating unit as the sole currency given its instability as evidenced by the recent doubling of data charges in Zimbabwe dollars.

Ngwena is quickly learning that one cannot manipulate the economy through wishful thinking and rigging.

 The self-imposed CCC secretary general Tshabangu, who recalled 15 CCC members of Parliament and 17 councilors, continues to show an astounding level of foolishness each time he opens his trap.

In an interview with state media, Tshabangu astonishingly claimed that CCC had rigged the elections. 

It begged the obvious question of how a party that had rigged an election went on to lose the polls, but then again common sense and Tshabangu are like oil and water as the two do not mix.

Tshabangu was not done with his claptrap in the interview, which was given generous coverage by the state media.

This is a dead giveaway of the involvement of the Ngwena cabal in the whole debacle.

He claimed that the country’s judiciary, which has scandalously denied Sikhala bail for more than 500 days despite not having gone to trial, offered “one of the most excellent judiciary services in the country”. 


 Tshabangu has even used the same terms of criminals surrounding the president  that was used by the coup cabal when it criminally  forced Gushungo out of power.

Even MDC-T leader Dougie Mwonzora did not stoop to such levels of stupidity when he was given the power to recall members of parliament and councilors and it takes some doing to be even worse than the bespectacled fellow.

When all is said and done, this hogwash is a huge insult to the citizens, some of whom who had to wait until the next day after the  scandalous delay in the delivery of ballots, who voted for their representatives and raises serious questions whether it is worth it to register to vote in future polls.

Government loudmouth Nick Mangwana has been spouting garbage again on microblogging site X formerly known as Twitter.

“Government has taken it upon itself to make interventions for the long suffering residents of Harare through the availing of funds to suppliers so as to improve water supply,” he said.

It seems to elude the former nurse that this is exactly what the government should be doing with taxpayers money making his talk of “taking upon it itself” nothing more than self- serving nonsense.

 If anything he should be hanging his head in shame that the cabal he speaks for has allowed such a situation to occur for such a long period of time rather expecting Harare residents to grovel in perpetual gratitude.


Stop It!

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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