Letter to my people: CCC MPs, leaders sing for their supper

Villagers who booed Dr Amai II

My Dear People

I wish I could say happy 44th independence annivesary to all of you, but I don’t want to sound like I am insulting long-suffering citizens.

It is difficult to celebrate independence when you know that the country’s resources have been personalised by a cabal of tribalists and looters.

This is why you did not see me and my children in Murambida despite the big role Gushungo played in bringing about this country’s independence.

Don’t listen to the propaganda that we should all converge at events organised by the Lacoste cabal to show our patriotism.

The independence celebrations remain a factional affair. The stampede by CCC leaders led by that charlatan Sengezo Tshabangu in Murambinda was to show their true colours.

They believe that by showing their faces at the event presided over by Ngwena, Ziyambi will speed up the processing of money meant for CCC  through the Political Finances Act. Its all about their pockets and nothing about you suffering Zimbabweans.


The arrest of villagers in Manicaland for booing first lady Dr Amai II is a new low even going by the standards of the dispensation of poverty, darkness and confusion.

The villagers booed the Page 2 girl at an event in Watsomba, which resulted in not only their arrest but also a tongue lashing by the obviously miffed Auxiria.

Those among them who dared to wear miniskirts were not spared from her wrath as the Page 2 girl branded them husband snatchers.

Although the charges have since been withdrawn after she was exposed by the media, the incident is a major embarrassment as it once again shows that this regime is a stranger to democracy.

Citizens have a constitutional right to express themselves, including jeering Auxiria regardless of the fact that she is Scarfmore’s wife.  Surely, we cannot all be enamored by a first lady just because she moves around the country dishing out trinkets and has acres of space dedicated to her in state rags, which lavish exaggerated praise that almost equates her to the Second Coming.

It is a disgrace that such an incident of abuse of power took place just before the country celebrated 44 years of Independence.

What Independence can be celebrated when after nearly half a century of freedom from colonisation, the country’s citizens can still be arrested for simply expressing their angst of the first lady?

As someone who has learnt from making the same mistake, my advice to the Page 2 girl: is Stop It!!!

Statements by the regime following the introduction of the new currency named Zimbabwe Gold (ZiG) expose the duplicity and double standards of the second repubric.

 The new Reserve Bank governor John the Second, revealed that the failed Zimbabwe dollar and bond notes were backed by hot air.

This was a major shock as his predecessor Panonetsa had told us that the bond notes were backed by an Afreximbank facility, which implies that the country was once again taken for a ride and sold bottled smoke. 

To the dismay of the country’s citizens, John the Second also revealed that fuel stations are not obliged to accept payment in the new ZiG currency.

This obviously raises eyebrows.

How are fuel stations afforded the option of rejecting a currency that is backed by the country’s minerals and forex reserves?

How are they allowed to reject this currency, which we have been told by the authorities, is the symbol of the country’s sovereignty and panacea to the currency instability plaguing Zimbabwe?

It is particularly noteworthy that John the Second has to grovel to the fuel sector to accept the ZiG currency.

This is far from a ringing endorsement of the new currency by the Lacoste cabal, which will only result in the country’s citizens shunning these Ziggys.  Then we had Mthuli and the Zimbabwe Republic Police recently telling us they are going to clampdown on moneychangers. Munopengaaaaaaa!!!

The new currency has already started losing value with the parallel market rate being 20 ZiG to the greenback above the official rate of 13,50 ZiG to the United States dollar as of early last week.

These are the same moneychangers, who have had free reign six years after Ngwena introduced a law banning them.

The duplicity by this confused and confusing regime beggars belief. It seems to escape this strategically bankrupt cabal that you cannot use handcuffs to arrest the economic downslide. 

The country is undoubtedly poorer since Scarfmore was catapulted into power on the back of guns and tanks at the expense of Gushungo, who was undoubtedly one of Africa’s greatest leaders.

One would think that the Lacoste cabal would want to show that it is an effective government with the looming drought in the country, which Scarfmore has since declared a national disaster.

However, it would be too much to expect from this coup regime as evidenced by reports that it is now using hunger as a weapon against the country’s citizens who support the opposition party, particularly CCC.


That even senior government officials who include Environment minister Sithembiso Nyoni are on record as threatening the denial of food to those who do not support Ngwena and Co. exposes the inherently evil nature of this dispensation of poverty, darkness and confusion.

This, once again makes a mockery of celebrating Independence Day when the country’s citizens can be denied the much needed food just because they have expressed their democratic right not to vote for  the Scarfmore regime.

How shameful.

Ngwena has declared time and again  that no one will die of hunger, but his words will ring hollow if members of his regime continue to shamefully use  food  as a crude way to  blackmail opposition supporters to join Zanu- PF.

Against the spirit of the independence celebrations, singer Hosiah Chipanga was excluded from performing at the independence gala.

Chipanga revealed that he was told that he was excluded because he criticised the Lacoste regime.

Nothing shows the mean spiritedness and callousness of this regime than the exclusion of an artist just because he does not tell them what they want to hear. Only in banana republics does such lunacy prevail.


Stop It!

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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