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Forex shortages hit Zim’s payment systems

ZIMBABWE’S payments ecosystem faces collapse as players in the sector are failing to pay licensed and maintenance fees to foreign service providers, Standardbusines has established.

Boka Auction Floors seeks exemption from 2% tax

Boka Auction Floors Zimbabwe has approached Finance minister Mthuli Ncube, requesting government to exempt them from paying the intermediated money transfer tax (IMMT) as it is eating into their revenues, […]

Inflation rate surges to 59,4% in February

ZIMBABWE’S year-on-year inflation for February 2019 as measured by the all-items consumer price index (CPI)grew by 2,49 percentage points to 59,39% driven by food and non-alcoholic beverages, the Zimbabwe National […]

TelOne gears up for privatisation

TelOne says it has appointed a consultant who will advise the company on the restructuring of its staggering $380 million debt as it seeks to clean its books and attract […]

Zim struggles despite huge forex inflows

ZIMBABWE is doing fairly well in terms of foreign currency earnings compared to countries such as Rwanda and Ethiopia yet the country is struggling to meet its forex obligations, a […]

Why prophets are misunderstood

PROPHETS in the Bible lived isolated lives and only appeared when God sent them with a specific message. They were said to be lonely individuals and, although they were among […]

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