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Business pins hopes on new govt

THE Bulawayo business community has urged the incoming government to create an enabling environment for local enterprises and to implement policies that encourage business growth in Zimbabwe’s second city.

Local banks buoyant

NEBBANK Zimbabwe and ZB Financial Holdings are confident of registering strong performances this year despite cash shortages facing the country as they recorded an increase in transactions, particularly on their […]

Expired goods flood Harare

EXPIRED goods, including food items, are being sold openly on the streets of Harare, a situation experts say poses a serious health hazard to citizens.

Of press conferences and elections

The climax of the harmonised elections has drawn international attention to Zimbabwe with the spotlight zooming in on spokespersons who had to constantly update the world through press conferences. For […]

Agriculture remains key sector in the economy

Before the Bantu migration from East and Central Africa, the denizens of this part of the world were nomadic hunter-gatherers. According to Wikipedia, “the San or Saan peoples are members […]

Economy: All eyes on Mnangagwa

STAKEHOLDERS in the business sector say incoming president Emmerson Mnangagwa should immediately focus on improving the economy by opening new industries to create jobs, adding that the days of fake […]

Dire warning over Zim debt

GREAT-grandchildren of Zimbabwe will inherit billions of dollars in debt consumed today by the current generation, which is being led by visionless and greedy leaders, renowned African scholar Patrick Lumumba […]

TN Grill re-opens

TN Grill, a subsidiary of the TN Holdings group, has re-opened its shop in the capital in a bid to expand its wings countrywide.

DPC boss steps down

DEPOSIT Protection Corporation (DPC) chief executive John Chikura will step down at the end of this month after completing his term of office, which he has described as “full of […]

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