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Health experts’ warning on sanitary pads

Health & Fitness
BY JENNIFER DUBE As women continue to seek ways of improving their health, some have resorted to using imported pads believed to have protective qualities. The Anion pads, mainly sold by those who trade in imported herbal products, are said to have qualities which enable them to naturally cleanse a woman’s womb while also reducing her menstrual days and easing period pains.

“I have been using Anion pads and panty liners for three months now and they have improved my health a lot,” Tarisai Gashu from Harare said. “I used to have my periods for over five days but since I started using these pads, my days have been reduced to three and the severe period pain I used to have has since disappeared.”

The pads are said to be selling at anything between US$6 and US$10 for a packet of 30 while the panty liners are being sold at US$5 for a packet of equal units.

Inquiries with health experts including two Harare-based gynaecologists and a cancer specialist showed that the pads may need to be taken with caution as all the officials said they have never heard of the pads or their purported qualities.

Health minister Henry Madzorera said his ministry was not aware of the existence of such pads.

“Our department of reproductive health may have to look into that,” Madzorera said.

“That department is currently looking at ways of responding to suggestions that government has to put in place mechanisms for cheaper sanitary wear and also make an effort to avail such in public toilets like we do with condoms.”

Anion manufacturers defend their product


On the website http://sanitaryanion.webs.com/  Anion sanitary napkins are described as “the first and only hygienic antibacterial sanitary pad in the market today”.

The website claims that  a negative ion chip in each napkin releases large amounts of oxygen, has a balanced PH level and enhances hormonal balance that effectively improves incretion, strengthening immunity, reducing stress, eliminating vaginal infection, bacteria, treating inflammation, eliminating  odour, removing fatigue and  providing comfort during menstrual period.

“Tissue oxygenation increases blood flow to the affected area, promotes healing, which will help with such conditions as haemorrhoids,” the website says.

“Most of the bacteria that cause gynaecological issues are anaerobe, which will die within 30 seconds to 1 minute in oxygen – just as man will die without oxygen and fish will die without water within 10 minutes.

“Hence large quantities of negative ions and oxygen can penetrate the body easily, thus killing the very causes of diseases – bacteria and viruses.”

The manufacturers claim the negative ions in the pads move up to the womb through the vagina, improving blood circulation and as a result from that, the silt and blood clot stored long in the vagina can be discharged more smoothly and the womb can be repaired in three to five days while inflammation disappears and no smell is left.