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  • #WomenWednesday: Empower women for sustainable development

    The United Nations Sustainable Development Summit which took place last week in New York ensured the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), dubbed Agenda 2030.

  • Moyo’s no maths, science, no degree cry stirs hornet’s nest

    HIGHER and Tertiary Education minister Jonathan Moyo has stirred a hornet’s nest by declaring that secondary school students who fail maths and science will not be allowed to enrol at […]

  • Being a white politician in Zim

    Former Education minister David Coltart is a victim of Zanu PF politician Jonathan Moyo’s acerbic rants on social media, which always have racial undertones.
  • They are after me: Magaya

    Prophetic Healing and Deliverance (PHD) ministries founder, Walter Magaya on Saturday claimed he was being labelled a Satanist by other Pentecostal church leaders who are envious of the growth of […]

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  • Mugabe scuttles re-engagement hopes

    ZIMBABWE is in the throes of a debilitating economic and political crisis and President Robert Mugabe is expected to lead from the front in order to take the country out […]



Dozens injured in Guinea pre-election clashes

Dozens of people were hurt during fighting over the weekend between rival political groups, before a presidential election scheduled for Oct. 11, local authorities said on Monday.

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Power cuts: Final blow to ailing industry

The ongoing power cuts will deliver the final blow to the ailing manufacturing sector and experts warn of more job losses.

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CIO takes over Grace rally preparations

SUSPECTED state security agents have taken over the organisation of First Lady, Grace Mugabe’s rally in Manicaland on Thursday, fearing her trip could be sabotaged due to serious Zanu PF […]

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  • courts-std
    Ex-magistrate in court drama

    FORMER magistrate Judith Tsamba on Monday caused a mini-drama at the Rotten Row Magistrates Courts when she refused to go into the holding cells after she was convicted of contempt […]

    Farmers vow to abandon cotton

    LOCAL farmers are contemplating dumping cotton as they continue to struggle to get returns on their investments.

  • zim
    Sleepless nights for mothers at hospitals

    The country’s major hospitals are struggling to take care of mothers nursing children admitted to the institutions, with some being forced to sleep on benches and chairs.

  • chief
    Chiefs want open menstruation talk

    Chiefs from Masvingo Province say Zimbabwean men are a disgrace because they do not talk to their teenage daughters about menstruation. (more…)

  • Bulawayo-City-Hall
    Bulawayo’s $3m white elephant

    Despite being regularly voted the “Best Performing Municipal Authority” in Zimbabwe, Bulawayo City Council (BCC)has an embarrassing “white elephant” situated about 30km outside the city along the Bulawayo-Khami Prison Road.

  • mugabe
    Mugabe’s defence of Undenge arrogant

    President Robert Mugabe’s pronouncements on the electricity crisis gripping the country removed any doubt that he is the root of the problem.

  • zesa
    Govt geyser ban an admission of failure

    Plans by the Energy and Power Development ministry to ban the use of electric geysers proved beyond doubt that the government has no capacity to solve the worsening energy crisis […]

  • chinamasa-j
    Chinamasa badly needs govt support

    Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa has been fighting a difficult battle to unlock fresh funding for Zimbabwe’s economy from the multilateral lenders such as the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the […]

  • mugabe
    Mugabe is the missing link

    President Robert Mugabe’s thoughtless Cabinet reshuffle on Friday proved beyond any doubt that he is the biggest missing link in efforts to rescue Zimbabwe from years of economic ruin.

  • Minister-of-Primary-and-Seconday-education,-Lazarus-Dokora-speaking-to-Zimbabwe-Teachers-Association
    Uncertain times for education sector

    The third term of the school calendar begins this week amid growing uncertainty fuelled by the government’s shadowy audit of the civil service and the deteriorating economy punctuated by massive […]

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