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Raising a child badly

It is generally accepted that a good book will have a good balance of plot, characters, setting and theme.
By Tim Middleton Nov. 27, 2022
Finding the right channel
Finding the right channel
We are all to be channels of peace in our schools and to do that we must follow the right channels.
By Tim Middleton Nov. 6, 2022
Quality feat
Karl Menninger: “What the teacher is, is more important than what he teaches.”
By Tim Middleton Oct. 30, 2022
Flight of angels or fight of humans?
In general terms, helicopters do obviously have pros and cons with regard to flying.
By Tim Middleton Oct. 23, 2022
In parentheses
The opening sentence of the novel ‘The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, Gentleman’ (by Laurence Sterne) certainly challenges our will to read novels!
By Tim Middleton Oct. 16, 2022
Robin Hood and parenthood
These are all “hoods” that we will salute and respect.
By Tim Middleton Oct. 9, 2022
Parental guidance is not advised
Parental guidance is advised.”
By Tim Middleton Oct. 2, 2022
Countdown to World Cup 2022
What’s gone wrong, what’s the matter, why has African football failed to reach the highest pinnacle?
By Zak Hawa Sep. 25, 2022
Guitar virtuoso earns Mutambi popularity
The Featherstone-born musician, who is now based in Beatrice, grew up admiring sungura greats.
By Admire Jamu-mlambo Sep. 18, 2022
The point of all this is simply to stir us up to think again about our role as a parent
By Tim Middleton Sep. 18, 2022
We have got spirit
We have all heard that refrain at school sporting events, have we not?
By Tim Middleton Sep. 11, 2022
Life lessons or life sentences

Those lessons are more important than any academic lessons and will produce the type of school-leavers that employers and universities desire.

By The Standard Aug. 28, 2022
A celebration of being together

Right at the outset, let us be clear: we do need schools, no question. Covid has taught us that unequivocally. Covid has given us the opportunity to look at schools differently and it has clearly shown us that we need schools but not for the reason that we always thought.

By The Standard Aug. 21, 2022
Do we know what we want?

Yet even his character was confused in the film as he wanted to have a close relationship with sweet Sandy, whom he had met during the summer holidays, yet he did not wish to drop his bad-boy, tough-guy image at school. Did he really know what he wanted?

By The Standard Aug. 14, 2022
Time, gentlemen, please

So we are advised that the best time to weigh yourself is on a Wednesday (as we tend to eat more at weekends and have to burn all of that off); the best time to have a nap is 20 minutes between 2:00pm and 3:00pm (when our blood sugar levels drop and when our night’s sleep will not be affected); the best time to learn something new is before a good night’s sleep (though how do we know if we will have a good night’s sleep?); and the best time to sleep in is never (as we will benefit most if we get up at the same time every day)

By The Standard Aug. 7, 2022
Can these bones live?

In a popular Old Testament picture of the Valley of Dry Bones, the writer is told “Our bones are dried up and our hope is gone: we are cut off.”

By The Standard Jul. 31, 2022
Ignorance and importance

Be smart, be clever, be bright, be switched on, be witty, and we can get away with any underhand activity or endeavour, is the intended message and one which is also still being promulgated here in our midst today.

By The Standard Jul. 24, 2022
Who to sue?

Those responsible for education will no doubt point us towards the increased literacy rate, improved examination results, uptake in number of university degrees to show that we can be well pleased with the system in place and the education that we are offering.

By The Standard Jul. 17, 2022
They went to school once

Do we come to bury education, or to praise it? Let us not so much think of those who have died but those who are still living here among us — what do we remember of them?

By The Standard Jul. 3, 2022
They went to school once

All around us we have drivers who overtake on blind rises, who will not wait their turn to overtake, who will not queue to turn right but will block the lane intended for those going straight, who will double or triple park for their own convenience while blocking the way for through traffic, who drive down the lane of oncoming traffic, who pull out from the side of the road forcing those already there to slow down or stop, who drive slowly in the overtaking lane, who do not use their indicators.

By The Standard Jun. 26, 2022
How do we see education?

Children view their school, and education as a whole, in different ways. Some are indeed excited and inspired by what is on offer at their school.

By The Standard Jun. 19, 2022
Testament of youth

By Tim Middleton The ironically-named Great War has had many iconic memoirs written about it, including ‘Goodbye To All That’, ‘A Farewell To Arms’ and ‘All Quiet On The Western Front’ but there is another that stands out powerfully — Vera Brittain’s ‘Testament of Youth’ which provides a stirring account of young university students with […]

By The Standard Jun. 12, 2022
Revenant and relevant

In more recent times (2015), the film The Revenant, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, follows the path of a fur trapper who was mauled by a bear and left for dead by an ambitious colleague; here was one who came back from the dead, with the past catching up and affecting the future.

By The Standard Jun. 5, 2022
Why children hate school

The truth is child after child cannot wait to leave school, to move on in life, to give up on their education. They hate school. So, what is it about school that children hate? Why do children have such negative feelings towards school?

By The Standard May. 29, 2022
Education: A dessert or desert?

A dessert rounds off a meal in a perfect way. They improve the mood of the recipient and leave a great taste in the mouth.

By The Standard May. 22, 2022
Just for starters

Have we ever wondered why we have the starter? Often it is very small so why bother? The purpose of the hors d’oeuvres is to whet our appetite for what is to come, to stimulate our taste buds in a particular direction, to get our digestive process going.

By The Standard May. 15, 2022
Inspiration not inspection

There is one other situation where we find the symbol X — the X Factor, that special, noteworthy quality which is deemed to be essential for people to succeed. We all know about the X Factor but what is it and who has it? Do we have it in education? What indeed is the X Factor in education?

By The Standard May. 8, 2022
Vive La difference

Hard as it may seem on first reading, we would hate it if everyone was like us! The parent who pitifully cries out to their child “Why can’t you be like Tatenda?” has not grasped this. Vive la difference!

By The Standard Apr. 24, 2022