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Nyangove contract terminated for demanding bribes

ALPHA Media Holdings (AMH) parted ways with former reporter Patience Nyangove for allegedly demanding bribes and turning into a state witness against the editor of The Standard, the group’s Human Resources Manager, Loud Ramakgapola said yesterday.

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AMH are publishers of The Standard, NewsDay and the Zimbabwe Independent.

In an article published on World Press Freedom Day 2013 blog on Thursday, Nyangove said she had been forced to resign despite having been cleared of bribery allegations.

However Ramakgapola said Nyangove’s contract had been mutually terminated in light of the allegations of bribery raised by former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe advisor to the Governor, Munyaradzi Kereke.

AMH has a mutual termination of employment agreement signed by Nyangove.

Ramakgapola said Kereke had made an official complaint to AMH that Nyangove demanded a bribe to drop a story she was writing on him. He said Kereke had also accused Nyangove of revealing her sources.

“On 27 May 2011, the editor of The Standard Nevanji Madanhire filed a complaint against Patience on suspicion of breaching journalistic ethics by revealing her source landing the source into serious trouble. The editor also noted there were allegations that she might have been paid to do so. AMH then instituted disciplinary proceedings against Patience Nyangove, in line with the Code of Conduct,” Ramakgapola said.

“The story that she alleges she was investigating involving Munyaradzi Kereke was never published as she did not bring the copy to the editors.”

On Nyangove’s arrest, Ramakgapola said she went against the advice of the company lawyer and gave a statement to the police that the story which was published under her by line had a word added which was not part of her original story.

“She volunteered the information and advised the police that they could access her original story in her Yahoo address through her cell phone. It was at this juncture that she gave the police her cell phone. At that point she was turned into a state witness,” Ramakgapola said.

“In light of the above incidents, especially the one related to demanding bribes from Kereke (Munyaradzi) at the end of November 2011 and turning into a state witness against Editor of The Standard, a mutual termination was reached in the interest of both parties.”

5 Responses to Nyangove contract terminated for demanding bribes

  1. Tendai Joe May 4, 2013 at 6:29 pm #

    This story sounds interesting

  2. m gamanya May 4, 2013 at 8:02 pm #

    I know this woman. She is a liar. When she worked in Namibia at Informante, she also wrote a troy about a Zimbabwean college owner, Mr Nyaungwa. The story was about Mr Nyaungwa forging a relationship with the Midlands State University. She rubbished the claims yet there was a process in progress for the relationship between Mr Nyaungwa’s college and MSU.
    It emerged later that she attended the same church with Mr Nyaungwa and that she used to be dropped off at her place after church. As a result of the damaging and false story, Mr Nyaungwa ran full page adverts in all Namibian newspapers including the tabloid this woman worked for. In the advert, Mr Nyaungwa also claimed that this woman wanted him to pay so that she could kill the story. When he refused to pay, she concocted the story.
    In the end because of the gravity of the story and because Mr Nyaungwa is a Zimbabwean and because the Namibian government is strict with bogus colleges especially those ran by foreigners, Home Affairs and Immigration was involved. At the time, this woamn had no papers and was staying illegally in Namibia. She then fled and skipped the country.
    When she returned to Zimbabwe, she wrote a false story that appeared on Zimeye lying about her skipping Namibia saying that she had written a story about Sam Nujoma’s cousin.
    She also targeted some of the Zimbos she had worked with because she blamed them for selling her out. Twice she phoned Namibian Home Affairs giving names of the people she wanted to be deported. This did not happen. Today, no Zimbabwean plays close to her because she has a perchant of writing about Zimbabweans.
    One such incident was when she had an abortion and was helped by a Zimbabwean she had wanted to write about accusing him of helping students carry out abortions.
    Surprisingly, this woman is back in Namibia working for the Confidente. If indeed, Sam Nujoma wanted her deported, why is she back? Why has she not been deported up to now? Or even harassed?

  3. m gamanya May 4, 2013 at 8:21 pm #

    Patience Nyangove’s lies

    Windhoek(ZimEye)A Zimbabwean journalist based in Namibia has gone into hiding after she wrote a story two weeks ago exposing another Zimbabwean Daniel Nyaungwa for dishing out bogus Midlands State University degrees and claiming to be affiliated to the prestigious university. Nyaungwa is also believed to be a relative of former Namibian President Sam Nujoma.
    The journalist Patience Nyangove who works for Namibian tabloid The Informante newspaper for a week had been receiving threats from Nyaungwa and other Zimbabweans over the story before two men suspected to have been hired by Nyaungwa came to the Informante Newspaper offices looking for her before she managed to sneak out.

    The men tried to set a trap for Nyangove on the basis that they wanted to give her a story. After they failed to catch her, Nyaungwa working in cahoots with other Zimbabweans is believed to have sent people in search of the journalist at buses leaving for Zimbabwe and asked anyone who has seen her to report to him.

    In her story Nyangove, an investigative journalist had managed to establish that Nyaungwa’s Monitronics Success college had no affiliation with the Midlands State University. Nyangove quotes the university’s Acting Director for Information and Public Relations Sinikiwe Tirivanhu saying Monitronic Success College had no right whatsoever to advertise any of the university’s programmes.
    Monitronic has only applied for consideration but their papers are still before the committee that considers applications for associate/affiliate status. They have not been advised of the outcome of their application and hence they are not allowed to advertise any of our programmes to anyone.

    “They have no basis to advertise our programmes and hence their adverts are null and void. I hope this addresses your concerns. I have also advised our University Registrar of this unfortunate development by Monitronic and he has promised to deal with it accordingly,” Tirivanhu wrote to Informanté.

    When this reporter called Monitronic Success College, an unidentified man who answered the telephone also confirmed offering Midlands State University degree programmes with the graduation ceremonies allegedly being done in Zimbabwe.

    “If you want to study with us for the Midlands State University you should come and enrol end of January next year that’s when the new semester starts. Our graduations are done in Zimbabwe.”

    In a letter sent to Informanté signed by Nyaungwa dated 1 November 2010 where the college was inviting the media to attend their 2010 graduation and prize giving ceremony, the Midlands State University logo features prominently.

    Before publishing the story Nyangove had also received an sms from another Zimbabwean journalist working in Namibia, Confidence Musariri telling her not to publish the story as she would face dire consequences, just before Nyangove went on to publish the story.

    Nyaungwa is said to be a relative of former President Sam Nujoma having married one of his relatives. Said a witnesss who declined to be named: “Apparently the chap has connections in high offices in Namibia having married a relative of Nujoma – so the police won’t help her”.

    However, speaking shortly after she managed to sneak into Zimbabwe Sunday, Nyangove said there was no way she would have turned a blind eye on the story.

    “My duty is to inform and educate the public. I remain loyal to them. There was no way I would have let someone simply because he is a Zimbabwean to continue ripping innocent Namibians of their hard earned money all because Nyaungwa and other Zimbabweans expected me to keep quiet. It’s not right for us to go into foreign countries and abuse those people’s hospitality. I have no regrets what so ever that i exposed Nyaungwa and i will continue to do so” (ZimEye, Namibia, Zimbabwe)

  4. Don May 5, 2013 at 8:43 am #

    Eish, sour grapes!

  5. owner May 8, 2013 at 1:26 pm #

    patience that saves you right after all the trauma you caused my family God answers prayers and he has punished you for me i hope you end up in hell

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