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Ammara’s star shines brighter

Ammara Brown’s music career looks very promising.


Following various assignments at concerts of international stature, she has caught the eye of the corporate world and could be building a strong financial base in the prime of her career.

Mobile network provider, Telecel, has in recent months been publishing adverts featuring local artists like Brown, Victor Kunonga and DJ Raxx among others.

The late mbira songstress Chiwoniso Maraire unfortunately died on the day she was supposed to do a photo shoot for the same adverts.
Such support from the corporate world, according to Brown, should be hailed as a step in the right direction.

“Telecel have done a good job. It is the beginning of a long involving relationship and we benefit a lot as brand ambassadors,” she said.

“In other countries it is such companies that sponsor the biggest awards and brand gigs, much to the benefit of the arts industry.”
She said she signed two separate contracts, one for billboards and images and the other one for radio and television adverts.

Although it could not be established how much she raked in with the contracts Standardlife&style understands she was paid four figure amounts for both contracts.

“I am bound by my contract not to speak on the figures but I am happy and comfortable with what I got,” she said.

“I remember we were so happy with Chi [Chiwoniso] with the deal but unfortunately she died before it could materialise.”

Brown said she made sure she understood the contents of the contract before she signed it to avoid being cheated.

“Maybe it is because I studied Music Business at the College of Music but I think it is time that artists engage consultants whenever such deals are involved, or even professional managers,” said Ammara.
True to Brown’s word, some artists that had good commercial contracts do not have much to show for it because they did not get advice on investing.

An outstanding example is hilarious actor and radio personality Lawrence Simbarashe, aka Bonzo.

Famed for the Bhonzo neChikwata television series, the actor struck deals for numerous adverts on radio, television, billboards and newspapers.

Bhonzo however is currently wallowing in poverty at his derelict Chitungwiza home. Given his popularity and marketing contracts, very few could have imagined he would sink into such poverty.

The corporate sector however, should be ashamed when an individual who used to be the face and voice of their many brands lives in such abject paucity. Some of the companies would have exploited the artists through unfair contracts.

Brown said she is working hard to guard against such misfortunes.

One Response to Ammara’s star shines brighter

  1. amkela October 13, 2013 at 8:47 pm #

    So a four figure amount is a lot of money? Talk about Zimbabwe artists literally singing for their supper!

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