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‘My faction is firmly in charge’

My people,
I have been so busy preparing for the 21st February Movement celebrations in Masvingo and that drained me a lot.


Ordinarily, I would not have been involved in the preparations but as most of you should know, this year’s celebrations were not ordinary.

I had to intervene given that the commemorations were being held in Masvingo — the fortress of Team Lacoste.

My little boys and girls in Gushungo 40 (please not Gay 40), were under fire from functionaries of Lacoste.

After we sacked Ezra Chadzamira, the Zanu PF Masvingo provincial chairman linked to Ngwena, some treacherous members of their executive, I suspect at the instigation of Team Lacoste, refused to submit themselves to my appointees.

So I had to work overtime to ensure that the 21st February Movement celebrations in Masvingo were a true reflection of me and Gushungo 40 being in charge of things.

One of the first things that I needed to take care of was ensuring that preparations for the celebrations were in the right hands and we made sure that my appointee, whose name I cant remember, maybe Nenjana or something, took over leadership of the province.
Having seized the Masvingo provincial chairmanship from Team Lacoste, the stage was set for G40 to crow.

One youth leader took to the stage to exonerate a G40 colleague from allegations of having abused war veterans by making a direct address to the Supreme Leader.

That is how we do things in the G40, because of proximity to me — which means power — members of our faction can address the Supreme Leader even in public without going through unnecessary protocol.

That is why Calamity Sarah could ask Lacoste to publicly announce that he did not harbour presidential ambitions.

That is why Calamity Sarah could publicly demand that the Supreme Leader say if he had sent George Charamba to speak on the infamous ZiFM interview.

That’s what we call girl power and proximity to power.

Needless to say, Mdhara responded immediately and said he was aware that the boy had been misquoted when he said something to the effect that war veterans should not get excitable as the youths outnumbered them and that most of them were affected by dhabhitas, diabetes.

In fact, the Supreme Leader went a step further and took a dig at Comrade Chris by saying dialogue was a viable option as opposed to demonstrating whenever there were disputes.

Mdhara made very important statements, such as condemning nepotism. After that he introduced his nephew, who is a Cabinet minister in his government.

Still in Masvingo, I hope you were all not left in any doubt as to where the balance of power has shifted.

I know some of those rented crowds at the Masvingo birthday bash were paid not to cheer Mdhara by the Team Lacoste, but Gushungo 40 was clearly in charge.

Mdhara took great exception to attacks which are made on me through social media. Of course that includes some of the people opposed to my assuming leadership of My country and party.

I was not too sure about what that Lacoste Hungwe was doing, busy mentioning his role model Ngwena during his short presentation.

But to put everything into perspective and so that there are no doubts, the faction which I lead is now firmly in charge.

Talk that Mdhara had banned me from holding rallies around the country because they were divisive, is all nonsense.

Actually, I will be holding some more rallies around the country and by the time I am done, I will be the undisputed king or queen-maker.

I will name and shame those that are going to fall, those that have been opposing my ascendancy.

Remember, there are no sacred cows before me. I can name and shame anybody. Remember my tirade against the military in Chiweshe?

The youth were very clear in Masvingo when they said people who say they love Mdhara can not oppose ME at the same time. When you like a man, it means you also like his woman and vice versa.

So no insincere statements like saying you love Mdhara while chiding me and calling me a little girl who should go and cook for her husband.

Be scared, very scared

Just watch this space. Soon I will be mopping the floor with these people’s reputations. Do some people seriously think Mdhara and myself can belong to different factions? Even if that was the case, don’t you know the power that we wield as women.

But even more ominous for Team Lacoste, two important things happened. The youth leader sought and received permission from Mdhara to fire errant youth league members, which means Lacoste members will be fired.

Mdhara was very indulgent with Cde Tyson when he spoke about how he has been suspending  party officials. He even joked about it. That means the two are in agreement. All Lacoste members should be warned. Hokoyo!

Munhuwese kuna Amai!

Gushungo 40 Woye!

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