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Your mother’s goal is to finish off Team Lacoste

My People, What did I tell you? Did I not say there would be a lot of gnashing of teeth and all other body parts as my plans start to unfold?

Letter to my people by Dr Stop It

Was it not me who said Lacoste was free to form People Second if he was prepared to dismiss himself from MY party? Did Mdhara not repeat the same statements at the Gushungo 40 organised 21st February Movement birthday party in Masvingo?

Of course, most of you remember that Cde Togarepi received a blank cheque from Mdhara to fire Lacoste members who refuse to bow before me.

Cde Tyson received a thumbs up from Mdhara for implementing his mandate, which included firing some Lacoste followers.

At least the Supreme Leader did not seem disappointed with what Cde Tyson has been doing to errant provincial chairpersons. And people have the nerve to call women the weaker sex? Don’t you know that some of the most powerful men, like any other men, listen to their wives if we decide on certain positions?

But in any case, I said it in Kadoma that Mboko and Lizard take notes from me. Have you not seen big men like Chombo kneeling in front of me?

Did I not say in Chiweshe that I was in the driving seat, (ndiri panyanga)?

Was it not at the same rally that I excoriated the military after having declared earlier that there was nothing special about war veterans who would later be tear-gassed and hit with cannon water?

Of course, some misguided people talk of bloodless bedroom coups. Obviously that is not what has happened, or is it? Hokoyo! Munhu wese kwandiri!
Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! Ah yas.  Wake up and smell the coffee! And I have just started.
The second phase

When I started with the campaign to remove Joice, Zanu PF was left even more divided, but we were the biggest beneficiaries because Mdhara got to appoint his assistants without those boring and unnecessary individuals and secondly, allegiance to the Royal Family is now a requirement in the party.
That is why all those poor sods chant slogans in support of myself and my children.

Having split Zanu PF down the middle by hounding Joice out, Ngwena is next. Those cowards don’t have the guts to challenge their godfather. At the launch of her useless ZimPF party, Joice was clearly in awe and afraid of Mdhara. Who was it who described our politicians as: “Mugabe’s wives?”

 Most of those cowards are afraid to fight, so the ground is set. By the time that I would have finished off the Lacoste team, The Royal Family, relatives and in-laws will be the only members of Zanu PF.

Night of the long knives

This last week was one of the most delicious in my efforts to achieve whatever it is that I plan to achieve. The only people that can genuinely threaten us are those war veterans, but that’s why they were tear-gassed.

Mdhara almost came close to apologising for that but he immediately blamed Cde Chris for the problems that the war vets encountered.

That’s his style. Even on Gukurahundi, he went as far as “a moment of madness”.

But I digress. With the disciplinary structures staffed with mainly Gushungo 40 members and Cdes Tyson and Togarepi unleashed to fire people, there was blood on the floor. It was surely a night of the long knives. Hurricane Gire was chewing all in its way.

The carnage suffered by Team Lacoste was devastating. I don’t care about the implications on Zanu PF.

Chris Mutsvangwa who leads war veterans was suspended for three years, together with his wife, Monica.
Even Esphinah Nhari who had the audacity to challenge the gods when she chanted “down with G40” in Masvingo was suspended.

The icing on the cake was the expulsion of 16 youth leaders from around the country from the party.

Of course that permission had already been granted at the Masvingo birthday bash.

But I hear Joice and her People Last circus are saying they have not started campaigning because I am doing a good job of campaigning for them because of my effect on the party membership. What do they mean? I don’t care.

Finally, please don’t believe the social media reports being peddled by those expelled youthful hoodlums that there have been regular raging rows at a certain important household in the land. The reports imply that a certain elderly gentleman is very unhappy with the impact that his young wife is having on his beloved personal party. Nonsense!

Munhuwese kuna Amai!
Gushungo 40 Woye!
Pasi, Pasi Nemhandu!
Your Mother
Dr Amai
Fake Ph.D
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