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How to deal with cancer (Part 2)

In one of our recent installments, we talked about managing cancer and this week we continue with more tips on how one can manage cancer following diagnosis. You can share […]

Minister of WhatsApp, facebook and twitter

My People, When The Party and government are failing to do anything correctly, which is quite often, Bhobho is usually wheeled out, literary to provide some comic relief.

Abusing vendors won’t hide decay

Four years after gaining re-election on the back of an audacious promise to provide 2,2 million jobs, President Robert Mugabe is presiding over an imploding economy characterised by serious cash […]

We do not need a licence to speak

The creation of the ominously named Cyber Security, Threat Detection and Mitigation ministry in the aftermath of a Cabinet reshuffle by President Robert Mugabe on October 9 has reignited debate […]

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