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The wheels have totally come off

Auxillia Mnangagwa

My Dear People.

AS  I pen this letter to you my fellow Zimbabweans, l cannot  help but feel a bit smug as my successor and Page 2 girl, Dr Amai, continues to prove without a shadow of doubt that l was far from being  the worst  first lady ever as scandalously claimed by some.

As if being caught up in the gold smuggling shenanigans that were exposed by Al Jazeera, negotiating national deals with Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko and getting a share from the sparse national coffers was not bad enough, Dr Amai 11 is now barring scribes from the private media from covering events.

It came as no surprise when I learnt last week that she chased away reporters from her tour of the Museum of African Liberation in Harare.

Only those from the state media, who slavishly hang upon her every word and gush about her motherly touch as the first lady  are being allowed to cover these events.

Even when irritated by some of these pesky journos, never did l bar them from covering my events.

So much for the second repubric’s claims of media freedom and tolerance  kkkk.

The so called mother of the nation also ordered people not to take pictures of her at an event in Beitbridge.

What kind of a mother of the nation denies her ‘children’ the  opportunity  to have a photo taken with her?

This goes to expose that the articles written about her kindness and motherly love by hacks from the state media are nothing, but a load of hogwash. 

Mother of the nation , my foot!. Munopenga!!!!

The dysfunctional regime run by the probity deficient Ngwena continues to perpetuate poverty for the country's citizens.

In the past week the Zimbabwe dollar, introduced by Ngwena’s regime in 2019 as a major step towards our so-called sovereignty, weakened further trading at more than $2 000 to the greenback, massively eroding the incomes of the majority of workers who are paid in this sham currency.

This has resulted in the skyrocketing of prices of basic commodities with a loaf of bread shooting up to breach the $1 700 mark.

As usual Finance minister and nutty professor Mthuli has his head in the sand and was instead spouting nonsense about economic development at the just-ended Zimbabwe International Trade Fair in Bulawayo.

How can one talk of economic development when the incomes in local currency of the country's citizens are being severely eroded by the rapidly weakening Zimbabwe dollar?


That this is happening after it has suspended numerous  companies and individuals it  accuses of causing the instability in the exchange rate and having at one time suspended trading on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange among other measures, shows that the country is being led by a clueless and useless  regime that is not fit for purpose.

Indeed the absence of the telescopic  wisdom of Gushungo is being increasingly felt day by day as this dispensation of poverty, confusion and darkness continues to plunge the country further into the abyss.

Still on currency issues, the state media has laughably intensified its reports on the demise of the United States dollar as other world currencies continue to dominate the global economy.

The reports of this demise from the state media would probably have been more credible if more than 75% of transactions in the country were not in the greenback and if government did not pay part of its workers' salaries in this currency.

Indeed the same reporters at the national broadcaster gleefully reporting on the declining value of the US dollar wrote to Ngwena pleading to have their salaries paid in the same greenback kkkk.

To have the state media talk about the near demise of the US dollar, which is the major currency of trade in the country and ignore the local unit which loses value daily impoverishing millions and is being increasingly rejected, is the reason most Zimbabweans can no longer take its reportage seriously.

No-one quite does irony like the vice president and health minister Generari.

Speaking at the launch of the Presidential Title Deeds and Settlement Regularisation Programme in Epworth, Harare recently, he claimed that the opposition-led councils have over the last 23 years failed the nation, adding that this is what happens when people without brains are elected instead of those from his party Zanu PF.

This is the same Zanu PF that since Ngwena took over on the back of guns and tanks, has presided over an imploding economy after introducing a useless currency, power outages of more than 18 hours daily crippling industry, high unemployment and a massive brain drain.

This, incredibly, is happening under the watch of a party with these so called brains kkkkk.

It is rich coming from Generari who has superintended over the collapse of the country's health sector, which has led to more than 4 000 health workers leaving the country in search of greener pastures.

And the solution to this by the brainy Generari is to criminalise the employment of impoverished health workers by other countries.

With such brains at work in Zanu PF, who needs detractors?  Kkkkk

Six years after that cowardly Lacoste coup against Gushungo, chickens are coming home to roost

An international investigation last week exposed how Ngwena, Generari and their associates had their palms greased by a South African businessman to topple a constitutionally elected government.

I told you from the start that all those claims about restoring legacies and dealing with criminals around Gushungo were a ruse.

Now you know who the criminals among us are!


Gushungo chete chete

Dr Amai Stop it! PhD (Fake)

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