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Doing the double at Deli…cious!

Overseas, restaurant reviewers often visit an eatery a couple of times before drafting their critiques: 500 to 1 200 words which could easily make or break a restaurateurs’ career, reputation, […]

Non-Cornish pasties!

I’ve eaten hamburger in Hamburg, Wiener schnitzel in Vienna, frankfurters in Frankfurt and Arbroath smokies in Arbroath, among an awful lot of eponymous dishes and drinks (port in Oporto, sherry […]

King-sized prawns at Komba Hari!

I waited weeks to sample, on your behalf, the Christmas/New Year menu at Rainbow Towers Hotel and when I finally had the verbal nod confirmed, there was a snafu and […]

You can’t win them all!

After raving recently in one of our sister papers about the splendid Christmas/New Year’s fare planned by Meikles Hotel after I was privileged to be a guest at a Press […]

A Miller Miscellany!

This week’s column is a bit of a Miller’s Miscellany as I’ve been here, there and everywhere in a week or so when under tremendous pressure.

Filling a niche in The Avenues!

My lovely six-year-old grand-daughter, Sienna-Rose, introduced me to pain au chocolate — a sort of sweet, rich, but sophisticated croissant — during my recent trip to Europe.

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