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FINALLY it has been proved that the pen is mightier than the sword!


Lloyd Choto, Glen View.

NOW that the power-sharing agreement has materialised, I appeal to the Zimbabweans to be united. I wish that they would be no opposition party for the next century.


THE ability of God to do the impossible has been manifested in the resolution of a seemingly intractable crisis in Zimbabwe.


I WANT to correct the mistake made in the Zimbabwe Independent (September 12 to 19 2008) —— in the feature “MDC turns 9 says has key to resources” —— in which you say Lovemore Matombo, instead of Lovemore Moyo is our national chairman. You went on to state that Morgan Tsvangirai is a former ZCTU president when he was actually the secretary-general.

MDC supporter.

CONGRATULATIONS to Morgan Tsvangirai on officially signing the power-sharing agreement. To me he sounded more polished, more focused and more prepared to deal with Zimbabwe’s challenges than the other two. I believe that now is the time for bringing about development.


AM I the only one who saw the contrast between Tsvangirai and Mutambara’s speeches and the one delivered by Mugabe? The former two showed an understanding of the current malaise we are in, the steps that need to be taken to alleviate it, whilst the latter showed unlimited arrogance, and also highlighted how clueless he is in looking to the future.


IF Tsvangirai’s inspirational speech at the signing ceremony is anything to go by then there is reason to be optimistic.


MR prime minister, please urgently look into the plight of teachers —— they have borne the brunt of the crisis and stood by you throughout.


IN terms of the quality of the speeches they made, I would give Morgan Tsvangirai a 10 out of 10, Mugabe 3 three and Mutambara 8.


ZANU PF should refrain from the diabolic language they spew on television and radio. It misleads and divides the people of Zimbabwe.

New Zimbabwean.

TO Thabo Mbeki: Thank you for convincing our national leaders to sign the power-sharing deal at this volatile stage. Zimbabweans decided on their fate and you only mediated for this to be successful.


OUR new prime minister Tsvangirai must not forget the plight of the workers who have been underpaid and taxed heavily for a long time.

Worker, Harare.

AMBASSADOR House, which houses the Ministry of Education, Sport and Culture head office has had no water since time immemorial. Efforts by the city of Harare health department to address the problem were thwarted when Aeneas Chigwedere was still a minister. Can something be done?


MUGABE admits that the last cabinet was the worst in the country’s history. I want to remind him that he is the one who appointed them. Any cabinet is only as good as its leader.


WE may change players and coaches as often as possible but as long as we retain the same Zanu PF management style and culture of inefficiency our football team will never achieve much.


PRINCE Edward prefects should stop harassing other students forthwith.

Concerned Parent.

BUS fare to and from work is now more than our withdrawals. What is Gono doing to help us survive? Has he had a look at how much goods are going for. What he is doing is like extinguishing a petrol fire through spitting.

Bashire, Marondera.

IS the setting of absurd withdrawal limits not a crime against humanity of some sort? We cannot take our children to crèche because of these cash shortages and have to prioritise on food and bus fare.

Llodza, Hwedza.

IN his September 10 exchange control press statement, Gono expects us to trust him with our forex bonds when we cannot get our Zimbabwe dollars from banks. Why should he be trusted?


IN Masvingo our load shedding starts at 6 am up to 11 pm. During weekends we get power for just 5 hours. Zesa is making our lives difficult.


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