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Let Us Be Realistic And Not Parochial

I BELIEVE that the differences between Robert Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangirai are not ideological —— they are personal.

Between the two lie issues of personal dislike and mistrust.
Zimbabwe does not require that its leaders be friends or be related. Rather the nation requires that its leaders —— whatever their differences —— put before all else the interests of our country.
This is clearly not the case when analysing the endless squabbles between Mugabe and Tsvangirai.
 However it is very important that in our analysis of events obtaining in our nation we do not become so parochial in our thinking as to believe that the only patriotic thing the opposition can do is to join hands with Mugabe and go into this government of national unity unconditionally. That would be unwise.
If we concur with the view that Zanu PF not only uses the police to stifle democracy but also to turn a blind eye to corruption, theft and general criminality which have become routine particularly during elections then Zanu PF must not have control of the police.
The police with all their critical responsibilities can no longer be abused if the power sharing exercise is about rebuilding our country.
If Mugabe was wise he would allow Tsvangirai to take the Home Affairs ministry and allow it to be reformed so that it can serve its proper function.
Courage Shumba,

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