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Declare Cholera National Disaster

WE are appalled at the current humanitarian disaster that has led to starvation, malnutrition and deaths of ordinary people.

We wish to state without equivocation that those who claim to govern must cringe at the level of the humanitarian disaster that they have authored by pursuing ill-conceived policies. Cholera has so far claimed more than 200 lives across the country and there is suspicion that the deaths are under-reported.

We wish to remind the present government that there exists an unwritten contract between the citizens and government.

The Zanu PF government is in breach of this contract because it has dismally failed to provide basic services to the ordinary people. Communities have been severely affected children are malnourished, people, including the sick cannot access their cash from the bank, hospitals are shutting down and the people are scavenging for wild fruits for survival.

The government of Zimbabwe is obliged to provide for every citizen and to improve conditions to make it possible for people to work and improve their lives. We suspect that those in the high echelons of power are unconcerned about cholera and do not want to declare it a national disaster. This also explains why the humanitarian mission of the Elders was refused entry into Zimbabwe.

Centre for Community Development in Zimbabwe,

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