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State media Rhetoric Should be Consistent With Current Events

I FIND it hard to believe that Zanu PF really wants to work with the MDC—Tsvangirai in the GNU. The venom and vitriol spewed by state officials and Zanu PF apparatchiks like George Charamba seems to swell by the day.


Day in day out the state media is awash with stories of factions baying for Morgan Tsvangirai’s blood and propaganda that he is a terrorist as he is training rebels in Botswana. In the same issue you find news items that they have invited Tsvangirai to the GNU.

How can anyone in their sane mind invite a terrorist into a government? I believe Morgan Tsvangirai is on record stating that he will not join the GNU if certain conditions are not met so I wonder why Zanu PF expends its energies trying to lure him.

If he is not his own man as they always tell us why do they want him on board? What if his so-called Western masters continue to control him in the new government? Who will carry the blame for having brought a “traitor”? Why not just take on Mutambara who has shown his willingness to join in a no-question asked condition? After all he has degrees and will bring them an extra 50 voters!

If Tsvangirai decides to join the new government what will those in the state media houses and government press offices say when he becomes their senior? Isn’t it time to tone down on vitriol lest they are overtaken by events?

The other thing I find stupid from the state media and Zanu PF officials is the insinuation recently that there is a faction of whites —— namely Eddie Cross —— who are planning to oust Tsvangirai and consequently lead the MDC.

If the USA can be ruled by a black person why can’t the same happen here? We in the MDC don’t choose leaders on racial, ethnic, religious or  tribal grounds. Ours is a party which welcomes all who love peace and democracy.

Look at how the likes of Roy Bennett, Ian Kay and David Coltart have trounced Zanu PF over the years. We never heard MDC-Tsvangirai or MDC-M candidates who lost to these guys in the primary elections decampaigning them on racial grounds. After all it is the electorate’s will that should be respected and which  spoke —— as they did on March 29 2008.

Glen View.

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