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Bhebhe Should Just Shut Up

RECENT utterances by the MP for Nkayi North Abednico Bhebhe recently condemning the MDC Mutambara leadership for allegedly blocking him from assuming the ministerial position of Water Resources and Development to which he had been nominated by the MDC-T leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, smacks of hypocrisy of the highest order.

Bhebhe argues that he was being rewarded by Tsvangirai for his contribution towards the formation of the MDC in 1999. He however does not state what exactly it is that he contributed that he, of all the people that were involved in the formation of the party, has to be rewarded with a ministerial appointment.

It should be noted that Tsvangirai’s initial list of ministers from Matabeleland only had Bhebhe as the minister representing the whole of Matabeleland and was only changed to accommodate more ministers when party members from that region protested.

While it is appreciated that the prerogative of appointing ministers rests entirely with the president of each party, the rationale of appointing someone from another political party by Tsvangirai, leaving out in the cold those who had stood with him throughout the period of the struggle, boggles the mind.

One also wonders why Bhebhe, who does not hold any special skills in any field, was being favoured ahead of everyone else.

But surely the dual alliance of Tsvangirai and Bhebhe should not take people of Zimbabwe for granted.  It is inconceivable on their part, to believe that their explanation of why they tried to reward each other so handsomely would be accepted on face value.

The two gentlemen were simply rewarding each other for transactions done under darkness and behind closed doors. 

In the past four years, Bhebhe has been involved in several controversial issues to which he had no satisfactory explanations. 

Incidentally, all the issues involved secret and private interactions with the MDC-T group.

So, to this extent, no one is fooled by Bhebhe’s shameless antics.

He is conscious of the fact that his plan A has collapsed and is now trying to put plan B into motion. Plan B involves getting back to his constituency and appear to be a victim of the MDC leadership’s irrationality.

This, he thinks, might earn him the sympathy of the people in the constituency thereby allowing him to prepare some groundwork for a by-election in the likely event that the party decides to take disciplinary action against him.

He has engulfed himself in a political flame by trying to be a political macho man. For now, his best option is to sober up first. He should learn to be honest and trustworthy otherwise he is politically doomed.

Andile Nyoni,

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