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GNU Must Initiate Reform

AS a patriotic Zimbabwean it is incumbent upon me to be hopeful and optimistic about the success of this new government.

The facts on the ground though instruct me to have a contrary viewpoint considering the Roy Bennett arrest and the clear intransigence Zanu PF continues to exude.

There is no doubt in my mind however that this framework is the only workable solution since Robert Mugabe could not be removed through the electoral process and whatever strategies employed by the West to squeeze him out only seemed to embolden him.

I am hopeful that despite the odds stacked against this new government the progressive forces within it can create avenues for the extrication of our nation from the malaise we are in and entrench democratic values at the same time.

We need to have democratic principles that will guide how our future leaders lead us so that we don’t have another Mugabe in future.

We should see the opening up of the airwaves that ensures a multiplicity of voices are heard and not the current situation where we only hear what Mugabe wants us to hear.

We also need to cut the umbilical cord of the government from Zanu PF so that there is a clear separation of party and state.

I hope that these benchmarks are met for the good of the nation.

Joshua Munekani,


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