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ROBERT Mugabe should recognise the change that has occurred in South Africa. The days when he was treated with kid gloves by Thabo Mbeki are long gone.

ROBERT Mugabe controls the Justice ministry whilst Morgan Tsvangirai controls the Finance ministry. Mugabe should therefore be left to appoint Johannes Tomana and Tsvangirai deal with the portfolios he controls.
N Mukandiona.

A LOT is happening behind the scenes in this GNU. New farm invasions and re-arresting of political detainees released on bail. It does not need a rocket scientist to come out with the chief culprit. Whoever is responsible should know that the world is watching.
Taurai Musingarabwi.

IS there really going to be an election to be contested by MDC and Zanu PF in two years time? I don’t think so anymore!
Observer, Harare.

WITH thieves still lurking in this “new” political dispensation and no audit having been done prior to the GNU emerging, how sure can one be that the same thieves will not steal again? Is it our trust, naivety or docility?
Not convinced.

IT will take a very long time for ordinary people whose life has been trashed by the previous government to forgive or forget the misery inflicted on them by these apparent “liberators” who then refused them the right to vote for individuals or a party of their choice.

IT’S high time the police, CIO and army got their priorities right. They are remunerated by the citizens through taxes paid to the government. They are servants to the people and not to Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF. They have a duty to stand up and say no to violence and injustices against the people.
Get Smart.  

IF Johannes Tomana knew what the due process of the law really meant the true criminals would be behind bars. Tomana must go.
N M.

AFRICANS are taking the initiative to help Zimbabwe while the West dithers and sets condition after condition. This goodwill by Africa has nothing to do with Tendai Biti’s performance but all to do with them wanting to see the inclusive government succeed.
Political Analyst.


TENDAI Biti is doing a marvellous job for Zimbabwe. Keep up the good work.

IT’S high time that the owners of Trust, Barbican and Royal Bank are given their assets without further delay. This is another success for the Ministry of Finance, in particular and the inclusive government in general.

TO Tendai Biti I say please stop making criminals out of citizens who are trying to make an honest living. The prevailing customs duty tariffs are just not sustainable. They do not inspire anyone to pay and you are losing out to smugglers in the process. Anything between 5% and 25% would do.

CAN Gideon Gono explain to us what he intends to achieve with his endless supplements. Who is he trying to convince? Is it the Finance minister or the general public? He should get a prime time on ZTV to tell us that he has single—handedly “saved” Zimbabwe from total collapse?

TEACHERS’ monthly allowances are pegged at US$100 yet they are being taxed 6%, leaving their net pay at US$94. With this kind of daylight robbery, why should they not strike.

FARMERS need to save seed. This will ensure that they have seed to sow in the fields when they are let down by the seed companies and the GMB.

THE Zimbabwe Independent is a straightforward, accurate newspaper. I enjoy reading its stories.

WHAT has happened to ZTV’s  Mike Madhodha? He was Zimbabwe’s only world class presenter and I have not seen him on television for a year now. He brought a breath of fresh air to ZTV’s Sportnet —— not to mention the clear and insightful analysis of sporting issues.
Sports fan, Harare.

THOSE who run Zesa, TelOne and the city of Harare should charge realistic tariffs for the services they are providing. Many companies for instance are complaining that their TelOne lines are not working. The reality is that TelOne has cut these lines due to non—payment of bills. If they go on like this they won’t have any customers.

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