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Gono Should go

WHEN Gideon Gono was appointed Reserve Bank governor he was touted as the “change” manager, a visionary and a leader in the finance industry. In no time Gono got to wine and dine with the political elite and found himself chairing the boards of ZBH and UZ amongst other public institutions.

To any layman Zimbabwe’s problems were not because of the shortage of people with the requisite skills to manage the economy, but because we did not have the political leadership to manage the economy for the benefit of Zimbabweans.

Most people would have turned down the offer on the basis that there was no political will to address the problem.

However, Gono has hounded bankers and forced most of them into jails or the  diaspora. He has persecuted a lot of people in the Zimbabwean economy and its human talent for political expediency. And, not surprisingly, he has now adopted Robert Mugabe’s handiende “I will not go” mantra.

Gono should not hold the nation to ransom. If he is a professional he should leave as soon as the relevance of his “skill” is questioned. Gono’s tenure as a political refugee at the Reserve Bank —— like everything else —— will come to an end.

Ben Magaiza,
New Zealand.

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