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WE are sick and tired of the trading of  accusations between Gideon Gono and Tendai Biti.

There are a lot of things which need to be done to make Zimbabwe prosper again. This confrontation has become too personal and  these guys should know that they are only office bearers who come and go but Zimbabwe will always be there. If your maize field is destroyed by cattle will you settle your score with the cattle or the owner?                                                                                                                Taurai Musingarambwi.

GIDEON Gono must go! He allowed himself to be used to perpetuate a cruel regime. Tendai Biti must continue to fight for his removal. His job was to print money and now he no longer has one.

GIDEON Gono should just go. He was the bankroller of last year’s political violence that traumatised this nation and resulted in the death of over 200 MDC activists and the disappearance and displacement of hundreds of thousands others.
Cde Tozvibuya.

ATTORNEY General Johannes Tomana must go. Zimbabwe is more important than a partisan, incorrectly appointed AG.

IT is evident that Robert Mugabe will never cede power. He cannot pass on the reins of power even to members of his own party. To believe that he will cede power to Morgan Tsvangirai peacefully is a pipe dream!

IF Zanu PF fails to resolve its leadership crisis they give the MDC a very big advantage. Robert Mugabe must be kicked out now but we are not prepared to be led by Joice Mujuru or Emmerson Munangagwa.

WE do not expect Robert Mugabe to contest in the next election. This must be obvious to him I hope. We want him as the father of the nation to retire after this inclusive government and leave the economy in a sound condition again.

THE MDC should just pull out of this government and the process for fresh elections put in motion. Zanu PF is just not sincere; it never was and will never will. Enough of this make believe please.
Felix Bulawayo.

CAN someone please tell those who head the organ on national healing that there is no national healing and reconciliation without justice?

THE reason why the MDC agreed to the Kariba draft constitution is because they are now close to power and can see that it is difficult to operate if you have a constitution that leaves your president powerless. We should not create a constitution only tailor-made to ensure Robert Mugabe’s removal. A constitution is supposed to last forever.

GIVEN that the secretive Kariba constitution draft is a complete negation of the year 2000 draft and virtually a retention of the present Lancaster Constitution, how could the MDC have ever agreed to such a thing in the first place?

IT is hardly surprising that Lovemore Madhuku is opposed to the current constitution making process because he will be made irrelevant. A person without a mandate from the people cannot be expected to spearhead the process. What matters is for whoever is spearheading the process to gather views from ordinary people and incorporate them into the final draft.  How then can somebody start complaining for a no vote before we even have the contents of the draft constitution?
Mr Abas.

THE GNU has failed us! UZ medical students are being kicked out of class for failing to pay the humongous tuition fees. God help us!

THE Ministry of Education should stop misleading the public on the presence of teachers in schools. There is virtually nothing going on in the schools. By midday kids will be back home in Marondera. Who can survive on US$100? They should stop lying and assess the situation.

WE appreciate the fact that Elias Mudzuri is stepping in to try and sort out Zesa tariffs but where does someone earning US$100 per month find US$30 for electricity?

THERE is just too much propaganda in ZBC news. They repeat the same news for up to two days dwelling on anything that Zanu PF is involved in. We also want to hear from the other parties because they are also very important. We are fed up with biased reports which we have endured for the past three decades.

WHEN will the people of Zimbabwe be given a choice in the daily newspapers they read? We are having to put up with partisan drivel published daily in the Herald.
Non-Partisan Reader.

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