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Machipisa Police Station Conduct Cause for Concern

I AM not pleased at all by the manner in which the police station at Machipisa shopping centre operates, especially the neighbourhood watch committee members. They have abandoned their duty to protect members of the public and their property but have instead turned against them.


Recently a 12—year—old girl was locked up for shoplifting along with a vendor and some drunkards who were caught drinking in public.


It is true that vending is an offence so is public drinking but what are they doing about the touts, dangerous parking and the tendency by commuter omnibus drivers to stop where there is no stop sign?

The perpetrators of these crimes are not being arrested because they give the police free rides. Vendors and public drinkers are thus easy prey.

There are a lot of criminals on the run in Highfield but they are failing to apprehend them which shows how poorly organised they are.

Corruption is the order of the day at this station. If they arrest vendors they confiscate their goods and share among themselves or solicit bribes from victims for their freedom. They are now becoming enemies of the residents. Some of them act as if they are above the law.

My question is what criteria does the Home Affairs ministry use to recruit these people in the police force?

Tired resident,

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