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I AM appealing to the committee spearheading  the constitution-making process to use local languages for the particular area they will be in. In Gwanda they addressed the people there in Shona. Was it sabotage or mere stupidity?
Junior Garanyemba.

WE should not worry about the constitution-making process or the draft to be used but should worry more about the contents thereof. We should advocate for the devolution of power, proportional representation and a bill of rights.
Ndambitshekile, Bulawayo.

THE Kariba draft constitution is a non-starter and it’s high time people participate in the making of a better Zimbabwe. No one should impose it on the people because a constitution has nothing to do with political parties but the people of Zimbabwe. Hypocrites should keep their hands off the constitution and let the people decide their fate.

HOW can Morgan Tsvangirai say Robert Mugabe is irreplaceable? Is Mugabe God who is not expendable? Now they are fighting over the Kariba constitution draft issue and it is evident that Lovemore Madhuku was right in saying that politicians cannot be trusted. We want a say in how it is made!

IF Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF are sincerely democratic as they claim —— particularly when it suits them —— they should let the people determine the constitution they want. Down with the Kariba draft!

HOW can a country’s constitution be drafted without the people’s input. Mugabe and Zanu PF’s arrogance is astounding. This GNU just provided them with an opportunity to get themselves off the targeted sanctions list and resume their shopping escapades overseas. It’s pretty clear addressing bread and butter issues is at the bottom of the list for these guys.
Political Analyst.

THE Prime Minister must leave Zanu PF to fight the issue of sanctions alone until Zanu PF lifts the various sanctions it has imposed on the people of Zimbabwe.

WE live in a really funny part of the world. Morgan Tsvangirai’s visit and meeting with world leaders should have been the main story but the denial of a visa to Obert Mpofu becomes the major story according to the Herald.
Clerka weDowasuro.
THE rhetoric of sticking to the Kariba draft is certainly Zanu PF’s strategy to prevent the making of a new constitution that reduces Robert Mugabe’s hold on power and therefore perpetuates the abuse of state power and resources for the benefit of a few. Now that Mugabe has spoken you will see how his blind followers will fall over each other supporting the Kariba draft and MDC will not do anything to stop it. This is where Lovemore Madhuku’s NCA will be proved right and the democratic transition will fail. Tsvangirai’s political career might be hanging in the balance if this process fails because he told us that he is an equal partner in the GNU. Equal my foot!

HAVING gone through the hell on earth of the past 29 years, I don’t see the reason why a normal person would support Zanu PF.

WHY doesn’t the unity government prioritise buying garbage removal trucks before buying MPs luxury vehicles?

ZIMBABWEANS are becoming confused about the issue of sanctions. The media, the GNU and political analysts are calling for the removal of sanctions which we thought were targeted. Can someone clarify on the nature of the “illegal” sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe? I know of sanctions imposed on the Rhodesian government and would like to know if those were targeted as well.

GIDEON Gono saved Zanu PF from collapsing instead of the country. That’s why Zanu PF protects him. We need a non-partisan governor of the central bank. Zimbabweans need him to go and not the West as Zanu PF propagandists claim.

CAN Zesa please explain why Kuwadzana five, six and seven has no power and yet they are asking us to pay bills equal to those who always have power. We are using more money on firewood and candles.

THE manner in which Econet lines were sold by its staff in Mutare is very bad. I think it is better if it uses its other methods of distribution. The number of lines sold on the black market would be reduced.
T Chilaz.

IN with so much hype and out with a whimper! A hint of Spain’s mediocrity was once again shown at the Confederations Cup.

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