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WE demand justice first before reconciliation! MDC must not forget all the killings and beatings committed along with the suffering orphans who were left behind. We want justice now.
Magidiza S.

THE challenge facing Zanu PF this year is that of renewal. If they fail to do so then the party will die soon. The current leaders are past their sale by date.
Roy Mataya, Harare.

ZBC can heap as many titles as they want on Robert Mugabe whom they project as the people’s presidential choice. Sadly their efforts will not endear us to him and we will surely relieve him of them come election time and give them to the one who truly deserves them.

AS long as we have people who believe diesel can be produced by a witch doctor still in government, there is no development to talk about. Furthermore we still have “leaders” and a “public” media whose priority is to insult anyone who does not agree with their policies. No single country in the world owes its success to insults. It also does not help matters either to have people such as Joseph Chinotimba being advisors to the RBZ governor. I am sure we can do better.
Mr Abas.

GIDEON Gono should not worry about the shortage of change for the US dollars. We are managing well as it is. He has done enough harm to the economy and should not try to experiment with the economy again. He should never be allowed to print money again.

IT is very disappointing to see that the Harare City council and the ZRP have totally lost control of Harare’s streets to the commuter omnibus drivers. It is a shocking disgrace to see how most of the streets in the western CBD have been taken over by this unruly bunch that have absolutely no regard for the law, other road users or ratepaying shop owners. Are these drivers so powerful that they are above the law? Or are the police and the council too afraid to enforce it.
Weary ratepayer.

IS it not a case of misplaced priorities on the part of the city fathers of Harare to spend very scarce resources on the installation of mayor Muchadeyi Masunda when there is a cry for lack of resources to return the city to its former status of “Sunshine City”? God help this dear country of my birth.
Stanley Tapera, Highfield.
APPARENTLY it’s only in Zimbabwe where the H1n1 swine flu is not prevalent. Let’s hope that is true. In South Africa we hear that there are five confirmed deaths and thousands of people infected with the flu. My question is: What is the Minister of Health doing to prevent it? Where are the prevention campaigns to combat this pandemic?
Adrian Miller, Mutare.

DOCTORS and other civil servants deserve to be paid better salaries. MPs and other senior government officials are being given US$30 000 loans.
S Mugidiza.

THEY earned R50 and there was no food in the shops, but they continued going to work. You now earn nearly US$400 and there is a lot of food in the shops, then they go on strike. This is the warped mentality of the junior doctor.
Ngwenya, Bulawayo.

WHY is it that a teacher who joined the civil service in 1986 and is now a supervisor gets the same salary as the one who came in 2007 and is under supervision? The government should not expect any serious work from us in the third term.

THE article by Ranga Makwata “We all need financial planners” (Zimbabwe Independent August 14) makes a good read. Keep up the good work! We need more information on the Prime Minister’s deal with the army.

ON Saturday I sent three text messages to South Africa. The messages were not delivered but Econet went on to deduct US66 cents from my account. Please Econet I want my refund.
Unsatisfied customer.

WHY does Econet steal from us by billing messages that have not been delivered. They are now reducing their standards and sooner than later they will be the same as these parastatals. You don’t get rich by stealing.

CAN cellphone network operators explain why they cannot bill per-second? Imagine paying a flat amount for a full minute even if the call lasts for a few seconds.
Wise Manu.

THE name Stanbic sounds good when you come across it in the press. Go to its Gweru and Kwekwe branches and you will find that a tuck-shop is much better. There is no quality service to talk about.
Shayibu Chalamanda.

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