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‘African solutions’ failing Africa

DEPUTY Prime Minister Arthur Mutambara talks the talk (and talks it well I must confess) but does he walk the walk? Past events do not seem to bolster public confidence in his integrity. Having said that though, he speaks the truth succinctly and puts our Zimbabwean dilemma in perspective.

I disagree though with his assertion that the Global Political Agreement (GPA) is the culmination of the wishes of Zimbabweans. The GPA was a mere means to bring back Zanu PF after it heavily abused the Zimbabwean public.
The public’s wishes were expressed loudly and clearly in March 2008 when Zanu PF was defeated at the polls, and bloodshed ensued. We can call it what we may, the truth is that Zimbabwe is in the grips of tyranny caused by a clique drunk on the pillaging of the nation’s resources.
Jacob Zuma, Sadc, AU and indeed all of Africa may choose to call it “an African solution to an African problem” when in reality this very GPA is a blatant display of Africa’s failure to develop a culture of accountability and moral leadership.
The “African solutions” mantra has been abused by Zanu PF with no appreciation of its true meaning —— true pan-Africanism and patriotism.


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