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Border Harassment Deters Tourists

ON a visit to South Africa recently, we were harassed on our return at the border by young children and beggars wanting to either guard our car or ask for money.

 At the South African border, there are no such people loitering about the border post which clearly shows that the traffic control and security personnel on the Zimbabwean side are not doing their job.
 The same can be said for Forbes Border post with the same scenario on the Zimbabwe side and yet, one has no problems on the Mozambique side.
Whilst these individuals may be desperate to make a living, it is hardly a compliment to our efforts in promoting tourism and being “tourism friendly” to be accosted by such persons who are not only annoying, but also intimidate visitors – both local and foreign.
 Quite honestly, it is a disgrace and urgent attention to this complaint should be made to enforce discipline and order at these border posts as they are the first or last impression of visitors to our country.
 Needless to say, one still has to queue for bridge toll fees, then immigration, then road access fee and then customs. Our industry must take a firm stance in this regard and demand that action be taken to show we really want to encourage tourism and get our industry and country back on its feet.

Gordon Addams,

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