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Second coming of Zanu PF’s ‘messiah’

THE Zimbabwe Independent carried an exclusive article which stated that Tsholotsho North MP and political turncoat Professor Jonathan Moyo had written a letter to Zanu PF seeking readmission to a party which he once described as a dead duck on the shelf which was only breathing from the evils of state security and abuse of state funds.

Seeking readmission is well within Moyo’s right but what has brought consternation among those who have been closely following developments on the political arena has been the readiness and speed with which Zanu PF functionaries have rejoiced over his impending readmission raising questions about what Zanu-PF has up its sleeve.    
Tellingly heavyweights in Zanu PF including party secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa and Patrick Chinamasa have since admitted and acknowledged the issue, although Moyo himself did not confirm or deny those development.
This only serves to confirm that his readmission into the troubled and sinking party is only a matter of formality going by the hail of praises from the two loyalists who ranted and raved about his work and abilities during his tenure in the party and government.
It remains a fact that Zanu PF finds itself in a political abyss and would want to reposition itself and reclaim lost ground.
Negative impact aside, he displayed outstanding abilities and since Zanu PF is in limbo and lacking the strategies to win elections his services are gravely needed.
They are full of nostalgia of years gone by –– from 2000 to around 2005 –– when the party pulverised the opposition with sheer media terrorism spearheaded by Moyo.
Who would forget the years when TV and radio became Moyo’s fiefdom to further the interest of the then ruling party at the expense of everyone and the trampling of viewers rights to determine and question content.
Lets not forget that the professor has a penchant for power and control and will not be content with life in the periphery of power.
He worked wonders with the ailing Zanu PF and President Mugabe, ensuring the outcome of the elections favoured the perpetuation of Zanu PF rule whether by hook or crook. 
But is the second coming of the Zanu-PF “messiah” going to save the party from collapse this time again given the fact that the party has irretrievably lost its support among ordinary Zimbabweans? Given what has happened in June 2008, I personally do not think that Moyo will perform any miracle.
The party is now suffering with advanced state of paralysis and  therapy is no longer helpful as resistance has set in owing to abuse of prescribed norms and values of conducting politics.
Their failure to reinvent themselves  from 19th century era politics to democracy and respect for human rights has rendered the party irrelevant to the wishes and aspirations of Zimbabweans and the country.

Zinyane Laselangeni,

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