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Biti Right on IMF Funds Issue

I HAVE been closely following the news surrounding the US$510 million given Zimbabwe by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and initially I thought that Finance minister Tendai Biti had erred in delaying the release of the funds. I however now think that I was mistaken in that view.

My question is why is Gideon Gono so persuasive and so fussy about the money being utilised immediately? Is it national interest or has he got a self-interest in that fund? I also wonder why he always rushes to the press to flight announcements.

Even when one has a point, they do not need to stand on rooftops to have their points heard. Whom is he trying to incite concerning those funds? And why does he not confront Biti so that they reach a compromise if he has the nation at heart?

As far as I know Reserve Bank employees are still receiving salaries far below what they deserve and yet he splashes money on press advertisements and glossy handouts to fight his personal wars.

If he wanted such a prerogative, then he should have been the Finance minister. In any country, the Finance minister has the last word in as far as finances of any economy is concerned.

Can Gono explain why he wants to allocate such a significant amount of money to paying back FCA accounts? Whose benefit was that money borrowed for? I understand the Reserve Bank owes a number of exporters and individuals a lot of money.

I believe that Gono does not have this country at heart so he must not waste his effort trying to pretend as if he does.

The Treasury must allocate the funds and Gono must keep his hands off the US$510 million. I say hats off to the IMF for blocking his manoeuvres..

We are tired of people who want to pretend as if they care for the people when they only care about themselves.

Stewart Jongwe,

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