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Big Brother: Itai saves Himself from eviction

MONDAY night’s Big Brother Revolution nomination show saw the housemates’ nominations leave Angola’s Emma and Nigeria’s Geraldine up for eviction this week.

The housemates are feeling the pressure as they begin to realise that they’re just a few short steps away from the whopping US$200 000 prize.
When Big Brother announced that Emma and Zimbabwe’s representative, Itai, had garnered the most nominations this week, the only certainty was that Itai would use his power as Head of House to save himself.
Once he had made his way into the diary room in his full underwater regalia (part of the Molotov Cocktail he received from evicted Leonel on Sunday), Itai settled down and told Big Brother that he would indeed be saving himself and putting Geraldine up for eviction in his place.
Geraldine had earlier told Big Brother that she felt that Itai would nominate her this week, as they had been fighting for the last few days. It was Emma who received the most nominations this week, getting the nod from Itai, Nkenna, Edward, Mzamo and Geraldine.
Itai explained that he had been nominating Emma for the last few weeks because he sensed that the rest of the housemates would be doing the same. He did this despite the fact that on Sunday night, after Leonel’s eviction, he made a deal with Emma that he would not nominate her and would try to save her if he could.
His second nomination went to Geraldine whom he said irritated him when implicating him in talks about “serpentry” in the house.
Nkenna nominated Emma because she feels that she doesn’t get on well with her and because she is the only “outsider” left. She and Emma haven’t gotten along since Nkenna’s “save and replace” decision led to Jeremy’s departure, depriving Emma of her partner. Nkenna’s second nomination was for Itai, who she said could save himself as Head of House.
Edward’s reason is that although Emma is his former comrade in arms, he doesn’t feel as close to her as he is with everyone else and thinks “it’s about time she goes to see Jeremy”. The Namibian also nominated Itai, as he could save himself.
Mzamo’s nominations mirrored Edward’s exactly, nominating Emma because she doesn’t feel close to her and Itai because he could save himself.  Geraldine also nominated Itai and said her only other option was Emma because she has “country loyalty” with Nkenna and Kevin and an alliance with Edward and Mzamo.
Once voting was done, Emma had received five nominations, Itai four, Mzamo two and Nkenna, Edward and Geraldine one apiece.
Now it’s up to Africa to decide who stays in the house and who goes on Sunday.
Big Brother Revolution is screened live on DStv channel 198 or 199.

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