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CONGRATULATIONS to Gunners Football Club for being the 2009 premier league champions. Zvaitwa Moses “Bambo” Chunga. They don’t call him Bambo for nothing!
Farai Mapira.

THERE is every reason to reform the public media institutions as PM Morgan Tsvangirai said. Over the years they have degenerated from being national institutions into Zanu PF instruments of propaganda bringing back memories of what we experienced with the media during Ian Smith’s rule  in the late 1970s.
Charles Mutasa.

THE monetary principles of dollars and cents which we learnt in school are now applicable again in Zimbabwe. Gideon Gono is now out of the equation in terms of printing money and can no longer fit in our economics again. Thanks to a practical economic approach by the Finance ministry our economy is on the path to recovery.
Mutape, Marondera.

ALLOWING Gideon Gono to continue as RBZ governor is allowing the perpetuation of Zimbabwe’s economic plunge. He is no sanctions buster.

WE should set up a “We shall never forget” campaign for the money which we lost under Gideon Gono’s watch.

THE people of Zimbabwe are suffering in South Africa, Botswana and other countries. The xenophobic attacks currently taking place in South Africa are very real. It is high time we behaved like civilised people and rebuild Zimbabwe so that we locals can have our bread buttered in Zimbabwe.

I BELIEVE President Robert Mugabe has gotten it wrong on the issue of the availability of the US dollar compared to the Zim dollar. It is much easier for rural folk to get the US dollar than they could the Zim dollar. That is the truth!

I DON’T know why people are making such a fuss about the return of Jonathan Moyo. Moyo is most likely to hasten Zanu PF’s inevitable demise. With his foul mouthed, biased “commentary” as well as his constant infringement on people’s intelligence, the electorate will hate Zanu PF even more to the benefit of the MDC-T. The results of the professor’s damage will be seen after the elections when Zanu PF is trounced.
B Chimhowa.
ZANU PF invited sanctions and it is solely responsible for their removal through reform.

I THINK the most appropriate meaning of the letters ZUF at Zanu PF headquarters is Zimbabwe Union of Fools since most of the people in Zanu PF are only serving their personal interests. It is as if they have lost all sanity.
Tinashe Mushamba.

ROBERT Mugabe likes to play the sovereignty card in denying the involvement of other countries in resolving the outstanding issues of the GPA so that the outcomes of the negotiations are in his favour
Lattaz, Harare.

MORGAN Tsvangirai was right in playing golf during the burial of Misheck Chando. Did anyone ask Robert Mugabe what he was doing when Patrick Kombayi was being buried?

WE should beware of self-important professors who think that the nation consists of college dropouts.

ERIC Bloch is a good columnist despite his gargantuan sentences.
Real Farmer.

APART from making the mobile phone network providers stop charging for undelivered messages, may we also have per second billing. Where is Potraz in all this cheating?

CAN someone explain to me why the government believes that civil servants deserve no more than $150 per month in spite of all that they do?
Used civil servant.

IN the public interest, an enquiry must be urgently instituted to ascertain how Zesa and the Harare City Council are billing residents.
Hailie, Harare.

MAY the relevant authorities look into how the revenue generated at Harare Polytechnic is being used?
Worried Lecturer.

DOCTORS are the greediest people around. They demand upfront payment for a “consultation” even if one is on medical aid. Since they demand so much from us we should institute more malpractice suits against them when they fail to perform.
Innocent Sibanda.

HISTORY is written by the victors. Imagine if Ndabaningi Sithole had prevailed in Zanu!
Assad  Shumba.

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