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Pretenders cannot be allowed to farm

WHAT ever happened to the export revolving fund? Why does the government not extend a hand of assistance to manufacturing like they do to the agriculture sector?

Why not set up an industrial retooling and support fund, which would also provide working capital to key industrial sectors at concessionary rates with the government underwriting the loans.
I wonder if the fear that the chicken thieves among us would have a party like they have had with the agricultural inputs is justified. If one has not been able to get it right in the last 10 years why do they want to stick to the fiction that you are a farmer?
Why should the whole of Zimbabwe be forced to use their hard earned money and sweat for such a person to continue basking in this fantasy?  There is evidence that some people have embraced this  opportunity to really get their hands dirty and the evidence is there for all to see. Why should pretenders, pirates, charlatans, vampires and saboteurs be allowed to crowd out this productive group?
This group should speak up, rather than let these comedians sabotage a programme whose intent is noble. This group’s only serious farming activity has been at the end of a cigarette and a brandy bottle!
Enough! The sooner the land audit is done the better for all!


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