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AAG Irrelevant, Nonsensical

THE Affirmative Action Group (AAG) is no longer relevant. Who do they represent except for a handful of people in Zanu PF who are always roaming to see what they can loot or grab?

The Constituency Development Fund is of great importance because the current structures have really let down communities by diverting allocations for projects to operations and administration for their self-interests.
The fund will go directly to the communities and it’s high time more funds were allocated to this fund. It should take all community development projects on board which are currently being run through local government as it entails direct participation by the communities.
Today the AAG are blasting the tax structure, tomorrow the Constituency Development Fund.
What does the AAG have to offer to the economy other than seeking public attention through cheap politicking?
They should not waste scarce media space with garbage .


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