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Zimra needs to take a cue from ZRP

BRAVO to the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) for breaking through the recent bank robbery case and arresting the suspects.

It brings pride to the nation when criminals realise that they cannot get away with murder, and in this respect hats-off to Commissioner- General Augustine Chihuri for the professionalism exhibited by the force.
I am sure it is a pleasure to note that the ZRP is rising to the occasion. I am also reminded of the recent murder cases where the ZRP has made inroads and arrests. I know that not all may be well with the ZRP, but fellow Zimbabweans, we must give credit where it is due. Would other public institutions please take a cue from the ZRP and in this instance I will take a swipe at the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (Zimra).
We can surely not blame South African Revenue Service (Sars) for our inefficiency, corruption and dirty offices. In South Africa, you can use the public toilets, and on our side you cannot even afford to open your mouth while in the toilet. With the nose there is no alternative. If it were possible, the preferred stance would even be to stop breathing while using the toilets.  I found it improper that delays on the Zimbabwe side were being heaped on Sars.
May the other Commissioner- General please attend to the delays and inefficiencies in customs at the Zimbabwe side.
Immigration and Limpopo Bridge appeared organised with simple procedures. I found Zimra to have complicated systems with as many sub-queues as officers on duty with TIPs, duty paying, searches, assessments queues waiting to be joined. It was not even clear as to when a traveller must join a particular line. It is only the officers who know and will tell you that you were in the wrong queue after you have stood in the queue for a lengthy period. In addition to collecting taxes, I surely expect the customs department to assist with the movement of people and goods at our borders. Beitbridge, Chirundu and Plumtree are delay points. We are forced to pay some money for facilitation in the buses. I don’t know why and where the money goes but to me this is open corruption. Zimra knows about this extra money but it still goes on. Service standards within Zimra have deteriorated at customs offices. This process has persisted for the past decade. Commercialisation results in the worsening of standards. Perhaps the ship has the wrong captains.
They busy themselves with blaming South Africa for their failure to perform during the busiest of times. The ship requires a new captain and new managers.   


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