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Zuma Missing the Point

SOUTH African president Jacob Zuma seems to have missed the point last week when he said Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai had to be more flexible when it came to the issues of fully implementing the global political agreement (GPA).

For the record, it is the MDC that has shown its commitment in making sure that the GPA is fully consummated.

The smaller faction of the MDC led by Arthur Mutambara at the end of last year derailed the progress of the negotiations when their negotiators Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga and Welshman  Ncube decided to go on an overseas trip snubbing the crucial talks and placing them in limbo.

Recently Zanu PF negotiators, Nicholas Goche and Patrick Chinamasa have been failing to attend the scheduled negotiating talks once again putting the breakthrough of the talks in disarray.

This shows that when it comes to being flexible, the issue should be placed at the doorsteps of Chinamasa, Ncube, Mushonga and Goche as the four are showing that the parties that they represent are not serious when it comes to bringing finality to the talks.

Issues of the Reserve Bank governor and the Attorney-General remain fundamental issues, which one should never be flexible about.

Since assuming the position of the AG over a year ago, Johannes Tomana has been engaged in an onslaught against members of the MDC, civic society and the media. Innocent people have languished for months in prisons on frivolous charges that would have been brought against them by Tomana only to be acquitted by the courts as no evidence is available.

Their detention is only there –– so it seems –– to settle personal scores for Tomana who has publicly declared himself a Zanu PF activist.

Gono has also shown that he is a Zanu PF apologist when Zanu PF appointed him to the post of finance secretary for Manicaland province.

Although the decision was later reversed, the damage had already been done showing that Gono was nothing but a Zanu PF stooge.

Zimbabwe has gone through a lot and the issue of Tomana and Gono should be resolved, not for Zuma to urge PM Tsvangirai to be flexible over this issue.  Tomana and Gono must go.

Zimbabwe must have apolitical people appointed to these positions and the MDC should not betray the people of Zimbabwe by being flexible over their illegal appointments.

Agrippa Zvomuya,

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