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THE government has to get serious! Civil servants have a right to fair wages and a decent life. How then can one offer  a quality service when they are failing to make ends meet? Civil servants must get what is due to them now! Enough is enough! We don’t eat promises. We are hungry, unclothed and on the brink of despair. Can something be done before the wars of the late ’90s are revived.
Worried Servant.

TO Energy minister Elias Mudzuri, why are Zesa executives paid huge bonuses and allowances whilst keeping the nation on its knees? And to Finance minister Tendai Biti I ask why are banks not putting interest on our savings instead of just charging? We the low income earners are losing out. It’s better to be paid at work  so as to save the little we have.

WE, the residents of Hatfield, feel short-changed by Zesa. Highfield, Glen Norah and even Parktown receive better service than what we are receiving. The load shedding is just horrible with up to 12 hours of darkness being a daily experience.
Unsatisfied Customer.

CAN we start putting to good use all the neglected and now-derelict infrastructure such as the Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex? The swimming pools can be rehabilitated for use by the community and be beneficial to the nation.

GOKWE Town Council must deliver the services they are demanding money for. Otherwise we will not pay for services we are not receiving. I say no to daylight robbery and corruption.

MAKONI North constituency does not have a mobile phone base station. Are the powers that be aware of this?

THE simplest way of removing sanctions on Zimbabwe is through reform of Zanu PF. They invited them through rigging elections, lawlessness and the indiscriminate use of violence.
T Sanyamahwe.

ROBERT Mugabe surmises that with the US dollar in circulation and the relative economic stability now in play, he can go it alone without the MDC-T hence his brazen attitude towards resolving the outstanding issues. I think he wants the GNU to collapse so that he and his cronies can start to loot again.
Nkulumani, Mutare.
ALL progressive people know that the situation in Zimbabwe is untenable as long as Zanu PF is still holding power in the country. We should get rid of Robert Mugabe and his party so that we can have peace in the country and the region. Zanu PF sees itself back in full control of Zimbabwe and it never dawns on the party that it is on the way out.

IT never rains but pours in the GNU. Zanu PF is always the shrewd contriver and never stops at anything to bring confusion and mayhem. One day it takes a step forward in the GNU and the next it takes three steps backwards. Zanu PF has displayed the highest levels of unfaithfulness and oscillation in their commitments to fulfil the GPA. They are always hiding behind excuses especially that of sanctions.

WHEN will our democracy mature? It seems that some political leaders still want to resort to violence if they fail to persuade the electorate. Let’s work hard to improve people’s lives instead of continuing with barbaric methods of coercing people.
Gabula, Bulawayo.

I WANT to thank the Zimbabwe Independent for exposing the corrupt councillors within the MDC-T. We expect a lot from them in terms of good governance because they are the future government. Even if they deny the reports of the probe, they are busy suspending councillors because of corruption.
Dismayed Supporter. 

I FIND this country hard to understand! Here is a company ready to publish a daily newspaper with the potential of creating jobs and yet they cannot do so because the Zimbabwe Media Commission has not been constituted. What is it about a free press that these politicians seem to hate so much? We want freedom of the press. This is what we fought for.

THE Confederation of African Football (Caf) has no sense of shame or direction. The Togolese team did not ask the rebels in Cabinda to shoot them. For Caf to suspend and fine Togo for not playing in the African Cup of Nations is just plain ridiculous. Issa Hayatou must step down as president of Caf because 23 years is more than enough.

CAPS Holdings should update stakeholders about the lastest developments in the Caps United name saga. We need to know!

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