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Zanu PF’s blame game sickening

ALLOW me to join the sanctions debate. It is sad that Zanu PF is confused regarding the issues of sanctions. Someone needs to explain to Zanu PF so that they are enlightened.

What they don’t want to understand is that they hold the key to the lifting of these sanctions. They are the ones refusing to fully implement the global political agreement. If they think otherwise, why then are they afraid to implement the outstanding issues? For instance they should ensure that the outstanding issues are resolved and then start pointing fingers at the West if they do not revoke the sanctions.
It goes without saying that Zanu PF is no longer concerned with serving the people. We the people expect them to respect us and put our interests first before thinking about their travelling and shopping spree rights. We are tired of Zanu PF’s blame games. We need progress in the full implementation of  the outstanding issues otherwise it would be better to go for elections.
We all know we are in the situation we find ourselves because of Zanu PF’s failed policies so they should stop this blame game and start thinking of the people of Zimbabwe.

Tired Citizen,

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