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MDC must stop the pretence

THE MDC did not enter a marriage of convenience, but one of abuse.

For all its goodwill, compromises and appeasement, the MDC has been repaid with contempt, provocations and lawlessness. Robert Mugabe has not just been reluctant to implement the provisions of the GPA, he has deliberately set out to sabotage and destroy it.
Yet, even as he flexed his muscles and hurled abuse, a battered and deeply compromised MDC smiled for the cameras, vowing never to leave its faithless partner. Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai tried to reassure us that the rocky marriage was still working, that Mugabe was part of the solution, and that their marriage –– the inclusive government –– should be blessed by the removal of sanctions and rewarded with development aid for its achievements.
The MDC has bravely endured endless public humiliations by its arrogant and abusive partner. It must now drop any pretence that its marriage is working and file for divorce by taking its case to Sadc and the international community for adjudication, who must let the jury –– the people of Zimbabwe –– decide on its own leaders through free and fair elections. Therein lies our hope, dignity and freedom.

Voice for Democracy,

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