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I JUST wonder if there is any other country in the world where a lavish birthday party for its “supreme leader” can be held whilst the civil service is striking because of low pay and with food shortages looming. It can only happen in Zimbabwe of course!

THEY have no money to adequately pay civil servants’ salaries but can afford to bring in Sizzla for a birthday bash! Talk about misplaced priorities.

I HOPE the Finance ministry did not in any way pay for Robert Mugabe’s birthday bash. The civil service is hungry whilst they were busy partying.

ZIMBABWEANS should take note of the fact that all the titles Robert Mugabe has after head of state are meaningless as they don’t bring food to our tables but only anarchy and destruction to our lives.
Andy, Harare.

THE key constitutional issue that must be addressed is that we must have two five-year term limits for the president. There should also be an age ceiling for the presidency of 65 years. Octogenarians and geriatrics should not be allowed to run public institutions let alone the country.

I TOTALLY agree with Lovemore Madhuku about the constitution-making process being people-driven. Politicians must not spearhead the writing of such a sacred document.

I FORESEE a disaster and further damage to our educational system due to the mushrooming of these private colleges and schools. Is anyone at the Education ministry taking serious note of these developments?

SCHOOLS should not send children home because of extra levies and “incentives” for teachers. We can only go so far as paying the actual fees and not feeding teachers.
Baffled parent.

WE are approaching the end of the first school term but the “O” Level results are yet to be released. What does Zimsec want us to do? Do they want us to use our mid-year exam results to proceed to “A” Level? If that is the case why did our parents suffer by paying those exam fees and us spending sleepless nights preparing for the exams?

HIRING loafers and hungry youths to make noise in the streets of Harare will not remove the sanctions imposed on Robert Mugabe and his allies. The youth of Zimbabwe must wake up and make something of themselves.
Kamba Guy, Zvimba.

ZANU PF and the MDC should not use the youth merely as stone throwers and protestors who assault their opponents when they differ ideologically. The youth should unite and mobilise for a worthy cause.
P Maingehama.

FOR how long should we suffer under a political leadership bent on getting power at the expense of the suffering masses? We are tired of this state of affairs.

TO Home Affairs co-minister Giles Mutsekwa I say you might have done a lot but the handling of MDC-T supporters by the police is selective even if you believe it or not. You should put your foot down as Home Affairs co-minister. We as MDC-T supporters feel betrayed by your conduct. We want real change!
Washington Zimbende.

ON the sanctions issue: the Zimbabwean government imposed some counter measures against some EU and US leaders along with some Zimbabweans who are in exile. Are those also not “illegal” sanctions? Who is supposed to call for their lifting? And who is the government trying to fool here?

MORGAN Tsvangirai should not be swayed by Zanu PF’s ultimatums with regards to the sanctions issue. Zanu PF is to blame for the dilemma we are in and they still continue to flout the tenets of the GPA.

ZESA has so many managers on its staff and with the incessant black-outs I wonder what these managers are managing.

WHY does Parirenyatwa Hospital assign debt collectors to collect money from us without informing us first of our obligations and thereby making us pay even more? Would we be wrong to surmise that this is a scheme to con us? They should send us statements first.

CRICKETER Tatenda Taibu claims he no longer watches television but is happy to be seen on it by others. Why then does he expect
others to watch him play on the “evil” box? Talk about double standards!
Gift Mwanza.

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