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WARNING –– DRUNKS IN ROAD:Romanian road safety chiefs have put up traffic signs warning motorists of drunks in the road in a bid to reduce accidents.

Pecica Mayor Petru Antal ordered the signs –– saying “Attention  Drunks”, complete with an image of a reveller on his knees with a bottle –– after despairing of accident figures.
He pointed out that drivers, through no fault of their own, are at risk of running over locals, who enjoy the town’s bar and club scene to the point where they are unable to take proper care of themselves on the way home.
“We are a border town and have lots of cars thundering through here all the time,” he explained.
“But we also have a very vibrant nightlife and the two don’t mix. We have to target the drivers because by the time the pedestrians get into this state they are beyond caring,” he added. –– Orange.

BUM GRAFFITI: A Mexican judge has been sacked for trying to punish a teenage graffiti artist by spray painting his buttocks.
Fernando Perez Hurtado, from San Juan Del Rio, was dismissed for abusing his authority after he tried to impose the “humiliating” sentence on the 13 year-old.
Police said the teenager, who has not been named, was caught “tagging” on walls of public buildings and homes in the town.
After he was arrested and charged, he faced court where the judge imposed the bizarre punishment instead of forcing his parents to pay a fine.
Despite protests from parents and other court officials, the judge ordered the young artist to pull down his trousers before attempting to paint his buttocks with the same spray paint the teenager had used during his crimes.
The judge, who is facing a three year ban from public office and a fine, was prevented from touching the child after concerned officials stepped in, local media reported.
The town’s mayor Gustavo Nieto later confirmed he had fired the judge, whose job it was to impose penalties for petty crime, after he had “humiliated” the teenager.
“The report I have is that the judge told him to drop his (trousers) and spray paint (his) buttocks,” the mayor said. –– Daily Telegraph.

UNDIES GONE BANANAS: Australian underwear company AussieBum has been monkeying around and the result is a range of men’s underwear made with bananas. The new eco-friendly banana range of undies incorporates 27% banana fibre, 64% cotton and 9% lycra, AussieBum’s Lloyd Jones said last Friday.
The banana fibre used in the underwear is made from a bark weave from the banana plant and makes the underwear not only lightweight, but also very absorbent, he said. “Naturally you can’t really add anymore banana fibre than that because it might be a bit squishy,” said Jones, adding that wearers did not have to worry about real monkeys, as the underwear does not smell like a banana. –– Reuters.

MIRACLE MOO: A cow in the UK has given birth to triplets despite the odds of doing so being 100 000 to one.
Her multiple delivery has been described as a miracle by Gary Bridgman, the farmer, although he disclosed that the cow’s mother gave birth to twins last year
Bridgman said: “You don’t expect triplets. We had Caesar scanned but you never ask how many, so it’s a bit of a miracle to me.”
Cows do not normally have litters of calves and the chances of having triplets are 105 000 to one, with the odds of having same sex triplets are around 700 000 to one.
Experts say a cow giving birth to triplets is a “statistical miracle”. –– Telegraph.

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