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Show a higher level of responsibility

WHAT those involved in the constitution-making consultations have to be aware of is that donors are placing a lot of emphasis on financial aid support that is result-oriented.

It is not enough to just say that the funds are needed for the reconstruction/rehabilitation of institutions.The system of “ask and you shall get” does not exist anymore. New policies in donor countries are continually placing great importance on the management and accountability of public funds, especially those used through donor funding. In most countries there are mechanisms in place to evaluate the extent to which the funding was successfully used to achieve the stated objectives, be it the promotion of good governance or in this case institution reconstruction. This is turn means that issues of responsible spending and accountability form part of the core conditions for funding. Whatever reason may be forwarded as to why Zimbabwe is not able to come up with $7 million as per agreement, those in charge of the constitution-making process have to show a higher level of responsibility and commitment by proving that the donors money will be used for the constitution-making process only and nothing else, otherwise even when Zimbabwe eventually comes up with its 30% “there will be no deal”.

Chipo Chikurunhe,

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