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WHILE the rest of the world is discussing the measures they should take against Iran over the nuclear issue, we invite its president  Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to officially open the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair. Birds of a feather. . .


NONE but ourselves can liberate us from the challenges we face.  For as long as we talk, debate, analyse and ultimately do nothing about them our exertion comes to naught. The time has come to start a new political movement for those of us who have had enough. Change can come from the bottom. Remember the French revolution?

ZIMBABWE’S education sector is set to regain its former glory, so says the “public” media. May I ask who or what caused it to lose that glory in the first place?

WE hope that envisaged reforms in the media sector take shape sooner rather than later and the airways are freed with many players able to operate.

THE Zimbabwe Independent is a truly objective newspaper.

THE media should take the lead in the constitution-making process by creating forums in which people make contributions on what they expect the constitution to contain.

THE true and original proponent of black economic empowerment Joshua Nkomo must be turning in his grave as pretenders intensify their gimmicks to gain political capital in what appears to be a hostile political space for them. God save Zimbabwe!

REAL empowerment starts with the enactment of sound economic policies. We should do away with policies that have already disempowered the people over the past decade.
Masiya, Beitbridge.

THE Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Act is one of the worst racist pieces of legislation since the Land Apportionment Act of 1930. Zanu PF in general and Savior Kasukuwere in particular must stop the scorched earth policies they continue to push for, which are the antithesis of patriotism.

THE prime minister and president must condemn politically-motivated violence.
SOMETHING must be done to those who are perpetuating politically-motivated violence in the rural areas. We can’t continue to tolerate this thuggery.

WHAT a pleasant change to see the violent Zanu PF members mete out violence against each other after senior provincial officials were assaulted at a meeting in Chinhoyi. It is sad to see their leaders’ apathy to it though. Makes you wonder what their reaction would be if it were members of the opposition.

ZANU PF officials should remain under sanctions to minimise the harm they are able to inflict. If they are not restricted, the next election will be even bloodier than the ones before. We want the sanctions to stay since we are also under sanctions from Zanu PF. How can you cry for the freedom of your tormentor when you are still under subjugation?

WE say no to lifting of sanctions on Robert Mugabe and his cronies until there are major reforms in governance and the rule of law.
Political Activist.

SO government has frozen salary increases for civil servants citing bankruptcy. Why not also freeze these endless foreign trips by president Robert Mugabe which gobble up so much money? The powers that be should put this country under curatorship as a matter of urgency.
Owen, Chinhoyi.

THE Reserve Bank is failing to pay its creditors because of Gideon Gono’s destructive quasi-fiscal policies. Tendai Biti was right in saying that Gono must go. He should keep on pushing for Gono’s removal.
T Samanyahwe.

I FIND it very surprising that Zesa could be owed $350 million by consumers when it has not been meeting their needs. Where was the power coming from that can justify such an amount? A change of management is really needed that can deliver.

ZESA is now a bills supply authority instead of electricity. It supplies load shedding as early as 4 am in the morning as if that is their main job.

SURELY with the proceeds from the Chiadzwa diamond mines, can we not fund the constitution-making process? Better yet, instead of underpaying civil servants I am sure the remittances could boost their salaries.
Zwai, Masvingo.

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