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A CABINET reshuffle is like someone who has a  problem with their car engine deciding to paint the car hoping that the paint-job will change the performance of the engine! We need a complete overhaul of the engine which in this case is an election.

T, Muronzi.

WITH the political shape-shifter Jonathan Moyo spewing vitriol against the MDC, there will never be peace in the GNU. I don’t understand why the state is appealing the acquittal of Roy Bennett. The MDC should partially withdraw from the GNU and stop attending cabinet indefinitely until decency, respect and a fair application of the law are observed by Zanu PF.
Hip hop artist.

WHAT Zanu PF is doing should come as no surprise to anyone who has witnessed political events in this country for the past 30 years. We are dealing with people who are visionless, backward and callous. It would be too much, dare I say, naive to expect such people who have a Stone Age mindset to embrace concepts of justice, freedom, peace and prosperity. Sadly, because these people are at the helm of government Zimbabwe will continue to regress while other societies are reaching for the stars.
Tsungai Munjoma.

IT is very sad to note that the persecution of Roy Bennett continues through an appeal by Zanu PF disguised as the state. They should appeal where there is enough evidence to warrant a reversal of an earlier verdict. As far as I know there is not.

THE Roy Bennett saga is another own goal by Attorney-General Johannes Tomana. The state should be clear that Bennett’s crime is being white and his allegiance to the MDC. Tomana has cost his reputation by pursuing a politically motivated agenda. It is high time that Tomana resigns. Thumbs up to judge Chinembiri Bhunu for proving that the judiciary can be independent.

JOHANNES Tomana should do Zimbabweans a favour by resigning from his post because he does not serve the nation’s interests, but individuals interests. He seems to do Zanu PF’s bidding and does not act in a professional way as he is supposed to do.

TO Johannes Tomana I say Zanu PF will never be in power forever. Be careful that soon you will not be prosecuting but being prosecuted.
A G, Bindura.
THE two MDCs should wake up and move with the times. Recent remarks by the  ANC’s Baleka Mbete in solidarity with Zanu PF, made barely a few days after the ANC youth league had been lambasted for hostile utterances against the MDC, show that Jacob Zuma is only paying lip service to resolving the Zimbabwean crisis. Only elections can solve this logjam.

ELECTIONS are the best scenario for Zimbabwe, so that a democratically elected leadership takes the country forward. We are tired of hearing squabbles within the GNU.

THE indigenisation regulations are just another form of crony capitalism meant to enrich Zanu PF bigwigs and their cronies. Let’s have policies that will restore a strong middle class in the country first, and then talk about empowerment when many people can afford to buy the shares. As for those who are desperate to be empowered, shares are available on the stock exchange.

I WONDER if there is an MP or councillor in Mbare because the state of Ardbennie Road leaves a lot to be desired –– especially from Remembrance Drive to Mwamuka service station. This road is quite busy, especially with buses from foreign lands. One wonders the type of image we are projecting. If the money from the toll gates is not being used for such projects, then it means that someone should resign with immediate effect .
Blessing Chimhowa.

WILL consumer watchdogs explain why the prices of goods and services rose in April when the rand is still at the same level? Are we heading back to the pre-2009 era? Action must be taken as wages are still static.
Andy, Harare.

HAS ZBC ever heard about sub-titles? These are little letters that are written below the image of the person speaking identifying who they are and what they do. They should try using them some time.

FOOTBALL authorities can only beg Econet to sponsor them after they have applied a zero tolerance policy towards corruption and mismanagement.

DEAR Muckraker, I have suggested before that you should stand for the presidency or become the minister of Truth. You have a knack for hitting the proverbial nail right on its head. Your column is one of the highlights of my newspaper reading.

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