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Health ministry must probe Cimas

I WISH to appeal to Health minister Henry Madzorera to save me and so many other Zimbabweans from bogus medical aid institutions like Cimas.

I joined Cimas early last year and I have been subscribing every month for my family. The subscription has been increased twice or so since I joined and there has been no justification for that. However, my main problem is most doctors and specialists in the country are refusing to render services to patients on Cimas medical aid and demand cash instead. On about three occasions my family had to pay cash to see a doctor and get medical attention and we sent the claim forms to Cimas. It has been more than four months but we haven’t been reimbursed the money we used.
On several occasions I have gone to Cimas to ask for a statement summary for my account but was told they didn’t have it. This is hard earned money we are paying here.
After being frustrated I decided to ditch Cimas. I went to their office and told them of my decision and requested that I be reimbursed my unused funds, but I was told they could not do that. I believe I used less than a quarter of the total subscriptions that I made to Cimas.
What I want to ask the Health minister is: Is it not my right to request my funds back from the medical aid provider after pulling out because their service had deteriorated? I think this is day light robbery.
I hope the Ministry of Health does something about this as people are losing money to Cimas.


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