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IT’S only a fool who doesn’t understand the way Zanu PF hardliners, Zesa and government were undermining Mudzuri and giving the impression he was not doing his job with regards to the Zesa issue and the World Cup.

They tried to make us believe that Mudzuri was not doing his job well.  As a matter of fact whether we get power or not we are going to vote against Zanu PF.
Tawanda, Marlborough.

IF a man practises xenophobia, then he must get xenophobia in turn. An eye for an eye.
I Claudius.

PRIME Minister Tsvangirai’s privacy must be respected as an individual. He is also a human being with nature to answer to and needs someone to comfort him from all the political harassment since his wife passed away.

ALL women of Zimbabwe, it is now time for you to rise and stand on your own. Gone are the days of being harassed and earning a living through evil ways like prostitution in the Avenues. If you do not participate in development then you should not ask for gender equality, this is practical and not theory.
Danai M Wasu.

ZANU PF may try to slow down one person and stop him but it doesn’t work if the people that they are trying to slow down are united.
Fed up.

WE were surprised to learn from the media that Zanu PF activist Magada taught and passed Sikhala in evidence. The activist does not really teach evidence. He pretends to; out of 30 lectures he only teaches two and the rest are taught by someone else. Please Madhuku, don’t fight Zanu PF’s wars.

ECONET must know that it is the quality of service that counts, not just big numbers. We want refunds for failed messages.
Frustrated, Harare.

PEOPLE of Manicaland wake up for Chiadzwa is yours. Look at what is happening in Mhondoro; Zimplats is doing wonders for the locals.

NOW that the OK Grand Challenge has come and gone, why are they not publishing the names of all the winners? Is there something fishy that is going on?

MDC must think first before electing its secretary – generals who try to destroy the party. First it was Welshman Ncube and then now Tendai Biti. Watch out.
Thulani Nkayi.

AT one time Queen Elizabeth wanted to grant dominion status to Rhodesia under the white minority government. That means that we deserved a place alongside such nations as Australia, New Zealand and Canada. If this had happened we would have been an industrialised nation by now. The management skills of those whites were outstanding to say the least.  Rule by the minority was not acceptable but we do not deserve such clowns as Zanu PF who even believe that refined diesel can ooze from rocks. They simply ruined all that was created by the previous governments. Assisted by the South Africans they are now looting the country’s mineral resources.
Raymond Sithole.

ONE of the basic human rights enshrined in our constitution is the right to life. How many times has Zanu PF violated this right and many others with impunity? What makes people believe Zanu PF shall respect a new constitution?
Raymond Sithole.

CAN someone please tell us where is the Daily News and the Daily Gazette which were granted licences over a month ago?  Are they not aware that goal posts can change at any time?
Wake Up.

AIR Zimbabwe is a good company, it’s just that right now the management are only thinking of themselves and forgetting the rest of the employees. People cannot go on strike because they fear victimisation and being retrenched.

AIR Zimbabwe has turned people into paupers. It is now two months straight without salaries. To make things worse last Friday they called the union and told them that our salaries had been cut by 40%. They said that it was the only way they could pay us. They further promised the union that we were going to get something this week. One hopes that they are not just buying time.

IT is sad to hear that the president has used his temporary powers to stop further auctioning of RBZ assets. What about the US$4, 8
million which Gono stripped from the UZ.
J Katso.

OUR electrical gadgets are about to be destroyed by the power cuts. May we have a proper schedule please.
P Ziramba.

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